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5 Inspiring Double Vanity Bathroom Design

October 25, 2016
Jared Watson
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Double Vanity Bathroom

If you have a wide space in the bathroom and it can still accommodate a double vanity, then you’re lucky. Having a double vanity bathroom provides personal space and great convenience in a shared bathroom. This way, two people will be able to do their own thing in the sink without having to take turns.  Large families, busy lives and personal preferences all play an important role in whether a double vanity is right for your home.

Once you have realised that your family may need a double vanity bathroom, the best way to start is to do some research on the different vanity design options. See the array of double vanity bathroom designs to help you determine the best fit for your house and your family.

One Basin for Two

One of the many choices that you may consider is installing a single sink that is wide enough for two people. It’s modern and visually pleasing. A single basin with two separate faucets has a single drain and it is more inexpensive to install than having 2 different sinks. Many homeowners are loving this idea because it allows two persons to have their own sink, but only have to clean one drain.

Double Vanity Bathroom
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A Pair of Vanities

Installing a pair of vanity basins is definitely pleasing option to any couple. Having two vanities gives you plenty of personal counter space and room to spread out. Additionally, it puts each person in charge of maintaining their own area and provide individual storage cabinets for their personal items. There’s nothing sweeter than a couple in love ending their day over a pair of chic bathroom vanities.

Double Vanity Bathroom
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Comfy and Impact

You don’t need to have a huge space in the bathroom to install a double vanity bathroom.  There are lots of creative designs and keys out there that fits all bathroom shapes and sizes. If you have a small space in the bathroom and you want to have a double vanity bathroom, then you have to look for narrow and vertical designs as well as tall mirrors. This will help a double vanity to fit into a small space bathroom without looking crammed.

Double Vanity Bathroom

Embrace Contrast

Utilising bold contrast is a great option if you want to make a statement with the interior design of your bathroom. Contrasting colours, shapes and materials will certainly look gorgeous when they all come tighter into one organized layout. Don’t be afraid to use specific items and colours that may deliver a wow-factor in your bathroom. You may even use your décor; such as towels or flowers to give in more contrasting feature.

Double Vanity Bathroom

Vintage Style

If you are one of those homeowners who love to showcase repurposed items in the most appealing way possible, then vintage style bathroom vanities are perfect for you. The vanity style you choose may be vintage, but you have to make sure that it is fresh in feel, functional and gives your bathroom lots of character and aesthetic feel.

Double Vanity Bathroom
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There are several ways that you can integrate a double vanity in your bathroom’s interior design. However, the selection process may not be easy because there are some things that needs to take into consideration, such as the amount of space in your bathroom, your personal style, which vanity style is great for your house and the needs of your family. Bella Vista hopes that this article has inspired you to make a smart choice. For more tips, advice, and bathroom inspiration design, visit Bella Vista Blog Page now!

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