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5 ways to Keep an Affordable Bathroom Remodel

December 28, 2016
Jared Watson
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5 Ways to Keep an Affordable Bathroom Remodel

Cost is most likely the number one difference for homeowners when considering a bathroom remodel/upgrade, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you want to remodel your bathroom to have more space or you simply want to upgrade your outdated bathtub into a well-functioning and spacious shower, Bella Vista Bathware has expert tips on keeping an affordable bathroom remodel.


Bathroom materials can differ greatly in cost. Thus, it is vital to deal with a reputable brand that offers high quality products but don’t break the bank. You want to have durable materials that could last for years. It is also vital to pay attention of the deals that have yet established themselves in the market and to those that are just too good to be true.


One of the effective ways to keep an affordable bathroom remodel is having the same layout. Moving electrical outlets and plumbing could cost a lot and often lead to unexpected cost. Relocating electrical outlets will require you to bring all the existing electrical wiring in the room up to current code which will surely require bigger cost.


Most of the fixtures that have special finishes such as nickel and champagne bronze usually cost up to 30% to 50% higher. Aside from these special finished being more expensive that chrome fixtures, they will also limit your options when it comes to other bathroom supplies such as shower doors, towel bars, etc. Therefore, selecting chrome fixtures is one of the best ways in keeping an affordable bathroom remodel.


Before anything else, do some research. High quality bathroom tiles can be found in various price ranges, just be patient in doing some research. Make sure to look for quality tiles that matches your wall tiles.  Additionally, it is also important to consider the pattern styles of the tiles you choose because some patterns can cost expensive when it comes to labour.


One great way to make your bathroom remodel affordable s to restore the bathroom pieces that are still well functioning. Most of the times, there are some bathroom pieces that may look old, but still have good quality and just need a refresh, such as an existing bathroom vanity. Doing a little paint will enhance the look of the vanity while minimising the cost.

Bathroom Renovation or just a simple bathroom upgrade will surely improve the value of your home. So, don’t let the fear of spending too much hinders you from achieving the bathroom of your dreams. Bella Vista Bathware hopes that the tips mentioned above have eased your mind and inspired you to start an affordable bathroom remodel now.

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