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8 Perfect Guest Bathroom Design Ideas

November 29, 2016
Jared Watson
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8 Perfect Guest Bathroom Design Ideas

If you often have guests coming over your house to stay overnight or longer, you would want to have a guest bathroom that’s satisfying the needs of your guests whenever they go to the bathroom.

Nowadays, you probably want to provide more than just a simply functional shower, toilet and bathroom sinks for your guests. You would probably want to have spa-like bathroom to make sure your visitors will enjoy their stay with you.

From designing your bathroom, to providing a variety of bathroom supplies to use, Bella Vista Bathware has got few guest bathroom design ideas to take your bathroom to the next level.

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Nobody likes to go at a friend’s house and find that taps leak persistently, or worse the toilet doesn’t flush properly! Be responsible of getting these problems fixed before the guests arrive – it will surely make a big difference!

  1. Roll it!

Making sure that there is spare toilet paper is obviously a MUST when it comes to guest bathroom design ideas. However, what homeowners usually forget is that the spare toilet paper should be easily accessible – no visitor/guest would want to ask where to find the toilet paper.

  1. Mirror

Clearly, every bathroom needs a mirror and that includes your guest bathroom. A mirrored cabinet or a large mirror on the wall will be a great addition, but you may also want to put a small magnifying mirror in there, too.

This is one of the most desirable guest bathroom design ideas as it will be useful for your guests in doing their make-up or shaving, making them more comfortable in doing their morning routines.

  1. Enough Storage

One of the most important guest bathroom design ideas is having enough storage in the room. This allows your guests to have some space in storing their toiletries during their stay with you. In addition to that, you might also want to put some essentials in the cabinet. A mini first-aid kit is a great addition with some common medicines like paracetamol, along with a spare toothbrush and/or a razor.

  1. Dressing Gowns

One of the quickest guest bathroom design ideas is to have a couple of dressing gowns in the room for guests to nestle in up. This will give the feeling of a bathroom in a luxury hotel and instantly give your guest bathroom a WOW factor.

  1. A Trash Bin

This is one of the guest bathroom design ideas that often forgotten by homeowners. You wouldn’t want to see your guests running to the kitchen just to throw their rubbish and you surely wouldn’t want them to flush rubbish down your toilet!

A trash bin with a cover is an ideal addition to your guest bathroom, which also reserve everyone’s modesty.

  1. Bathroom Scent

Whether it is a reed infuser or scented candles, it is one of the perfect guest bathroom design ideas to add something that smells pleasant to your guest bathroom, to make the room inviting and relaxing as soon as the guest open the bathroom door.

  1. Towel Magic

Whether it is for the hands, for the face or for the shower, towels are one of the most important feature that you should have in a guest bathroom, and better if they there is a bathroom towel rail to hang the used towels. Make sure to provide a full set of towel for each guest so they won’t have to ask for extras. In line with this, make sure also to provide them an extra set of towel after a few days, if they are staying with you for a prolonged period.

A good way is to buy towel sets for the guests that have different colours from the ones you use, so it is easy for you to locate them whenever you have guests coming over.

Making your guest bathroom a relaxing space and getting some time to put plenty of bathroom supplies will help your guests feel at home and will give them a luxurious time during their stay with you.

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