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by Jared Watson | October 5, 2016
Must Have Bathroom Cabinet Trends

Cabinets / Vanities are considered as one of the most important elements in a bathroom remodel. It is because cabinets affect the look and the feel of the whole room and they set the tone for your bathroom upgrade. Having knowledge about the bathroom cabinet trends is the first step to take befor[...]

by Jared Watson | October 3, 2016
Developing a Bathroom Layout Plan

Any renovation starts with a great layout plan, and that include the bathroom renovation. Consider these tips and guides when developing a bathroom layout plan for your new bathroom. Given that a bathroom layout is full of required elements, a shoehorn may seem to be the most essential tool when [...]

by Jared Watson | September 30, 2016
Decorating A Black and White Bathroom

Deciding whether to update your bathroom or not is a big decision to make! It’s one of the rooms in the house that is often use and impacts the resale value of your home. When done properly, a combination of black and white colour is a great choice. There are a few tips that you need to know be[...]

by Jared Watson | September 28, 2016
Small Bathroom Ideas for Bathrooms with Big Problems

Yes, your bathroom could be the smallest room in the house, but it is more than possible to make it one of the most impressing rooms at home! If you have a small space in the bathroom, don’t get frustrated as Bella Vista have listed small bathroom ideas that will surely make your splash, regardles[...]

by Jared Watson | September 23, 2016
5 Reminders You Wish You Knew Before Started Bathroom Renovation

If you’re planning to have a bathroom renovation in Australia, you surely want to know these reminders that often neglect by homeowners. The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most used rooms in your house, which means that it must be both functional and eye-pleasing. When the bathroom becomes [...]

by Jared Watson | September 21, 2016
3 Ways to Detect a Leak in your Water System

Your water system is the plumb line that flows from the public water main on your street to your home plumbing system. It supplies all the fresh water coming to your household. The good thing is that, leaks in your water system rarely occur. However, when they do, it can severely interrupt the norma[...]

by Jared Watson | September 19, 2016
Top 5 Factors in Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity

When thinking about the functionalities of the different fixtures in your current bathroom, changing the vanity can be one of the frustrations of many homeowners. This multi-purpose fixture serves as a suitable storage for keeping bathroom products out of sight and provides enough space for getting [...]

by Jared Watson | September 16, 2016
Top 4 Bathroom Wall Paint Ideas

Your bathroom is surely one of the rooms in the house that everybody will see and use. This is the reason why most homeowners want their bathroom to represent their personal style and impress their guests. However, if you are one of those who have an outdated bathroom, you probably don’t know wher[...]

by Jared Watson | September 14, 2016
Must Know about Bathroom Remodeling Budget

“How much does a bathroom remodeling cost?”. This is the top question that we often hear from people who are planning to have their bathroom renovated. Of course, the answer for this question will always depend on the specifics of the project you want to get done, as well as your individual requ[...]

by Jared Watson | September 5, 2016
Sneaky Tricks: Small Space Bathroom Ideas

Does your bathroom look a little cramped? Expanding the space of your bathroom may not be included in your choices because it might cost too much or simply because you don’t want to steal space from the other areas of your home. (more…)[...]