3 November 2016

How to Create a Contemporary Design Bathroom

Contemporary Design Bathroom When thinking about a bathroom renovation, the first thing to put into consideration is usually not the style of the shower or the type of tiles you want to install. The first decision to make is to decide the general style of the bathroom and how it matches and improves the complete style of your home. The style of bathroom you choose and the design fundamentals you integrate as well as the bathroom products you will use may represent your personality and are a blank work where incorporate your personal taste to life. The style of bathroom you pick will depend on many factors such as, the available space, your personal tastes and how it complements with the rest of your home style. If you are looking for a smoother design with clean lines, then a contemporary design bathroom could be the perfect style for your bathroom renovation. This could include going for a totally modern style bathroom, or you may choose to integrate elements of a more contemporary style into a transitional style remodelling project. This lets you to have a softer style that still incorporates the feel of a modern style bathroom.

So What is a Contemporary Design Bathroom?

Forms and Shapes: A bathroom with a contemporary design aim to rationalize your bathroom space by putting-off extra embellishment and instead focus [caption id="attachment_6774" align="alignright" width="528"]Contemporary Design Bathroom Photo Credit: Freshhome.com[/caption] ing more on simple, angular shapes and lines or flowing curved fixtures. Geometric patterns can also bring a modern style to your design, while adding an element of visual attraction at the same time. Materials and Touches: High quality materials that matches a more modern bathroom design includes glass, stainless steel, stone, slate or concrete. These materials fit into the sleek nature and colour patterns of a contemporary design bathroom. A frameless glass shower door is often recommended to this bathroom design. Simple Colours with a Twist: a simple colour scheme includes black, white, grey, and beige are the most common options for a contemporary design bathroom, like the bathroom pictured on the side. These smooth colour options may be combined with a splash of a distinct colour or more vibrant colour to add visual attraction and create an impact on your design. Clean Lines, No Frills: The impact of a contemporary design bathroom lies in its simplicity, as it eliminates the unnecessary decoration of other bathroom styles and focuses on smooth lines and the effective use of space in an aesthetically attractive design. In addition, a bathroom with a contemporary design allows a sense of openness by paying attention to design features such a floating bathroom vanity, toilet or sink which leaves the space on the floor unbroken.  A glass shower screen or one style shower will also bring a modern style while opening up your bathroom space. A contemporary bathroom design can work with bay bathroom size, but it is mainly useful for exploiting available space in a small space bathroom. Visit our blog page for different kinds of bathroom styles, design tips, and more!

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