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New Bathroom Looks for 2016

May 3, 2016
Jared Watson
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New Bathroom Looks for 2016 | Modern Bathroom

When thinking about home renovation projects, bathroom upgrades continue to have great impact in overall remodeling as do kitchen renovations. With lots of resources and choices available out there, you and other homeowners may feel overwhelmed in making a final decision particularly as there are so many options and styles to choose from. As the New Year begins, let Bella Vista tell you what the ultimate in modern bathroom is for 2016.

 1. Spacious Walk-In Showers

Everyone hopefully has a shower and a handsome shower is a hot trend when we say modern bathroom. Some people prefer a shower to a bath and if you fall into this category it could be that you don’t need a bathtub, this gives you plenty of in the bathroom for a splendid generously-sized shower.

2. LED Lighting

LED lighting is in demand in just everywhere else in the home, most especially in the bathroom.  LED’s work at low voltage levels so can be used near water. Additionally, LED lights lasts longer than any other types of lighting. While LED’s are more expensive to purchase, remember they don’t need replacement very often meaning they are far more cost effective in the long run

3. High-Tech Faucets

High-tech faucets at home are becoming more user-friendly and more efficient. These styles of faucets have been around for a long while especially used in the medical industry in places such as hospitals and nowadays they’re making their way into homes with a modern bathroom.  These faucets make bathroom and kitchen designs more elegant and increase a home’s market value.

4. Vanities with Sink

A double-sink vanity is definitely one of the big trends in 2016.  Two-sinks are often seen in the master bathroom, they are also fashionable for bathrooms shared by siblings.

5. Metallic Fixtures

Metallic Fixtures are one of the modern bathroom trends in 2016. At Bella Vista can find the right bathroom store for you that offers a wide variety of interesting finishes and colours including chrome, oil-rubbed bronze and brushed nickel plus other variety of different warm-coloured fixtures. While plain old stainless steel is still one of the favoured choices, there are plenty of other interesting possibilities available on the market.

6. Water-Saving Toilets

Cost-saving and energy-effective solutions such as low-flow and dual-flow toilets are in high demand especially in modern bathroom.

Bella Vista would like to invite you to view the styles available on our website, whether you are just renovating your bathroom this coming year, building a new bathroom style from the scratch or just want to freshen up a few details in your bathroom. For all the designs and styles available, please visit the website Bella Vista Bathware and build the bathroom of your dreams!

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