3 August 2016

10 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

 Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

When doing a bathroom renovation, many people think of bathroom decoration ideas, but very few think of the bathroom renovation mistakes that they need to avoid. Before undertaking a bathroom remodel, it’s important to think about what could go wrong – after all, it’s better to be completely prepared in all areas rather than be faced with some difficult decisions to make further down the line.

 Additionally, bathroom renovations can be expensive so prior to ploughing your hard-earned cash into an all-singing, all dancing new bathroom, make sure you’ve got everything covered and make sure that you are aware of the bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid!  At Bella Vista, we take new bathrooms very seriously; it’s not surprising because it’s our business.  We provide everything you need to make sure you have a beautifully finished, high quality bathroom so let us walk you through some bathroom renovation mistakes so you don’t make them yourself!

1. Not Installing a Bathroom Fan

You might think you can avoid installing a fan but here’s why you should make sure you have one (even if you have a window).  Your bathroom needs good ventilation because without it, humidity and moisture will build up which deteriorates your tiles, paint and grout.  When they are left damp in an almost continuous fashion you’ll start to see the build-up of mildew too.  Get a fan installed and make sure you clean it out regularly so it performs properly, it will protect your bathroom so it lasts longer.

2. Not Checking Your Budget

One of the bathroom renovation mistakes that is often repeated by many is not checking on their budget. If you have a budget you should try your best to stick to it.  This is sometimes very difficult because the reality is there are normally building or plumbing problems along the way of a project so build in an extra amount to your budget to deal with unforeseen problems.  However tempting it is, don’t go over your budget if you can’t afford it, this could implicate on other household necessities so be vigilant in your spending!

3. Not Checking the Measurements

This is one of the most common bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid, but still encountered by many. Check your space, measure it, measure everything that’s going in it and check it again. Once you’ve checked it again – get someone else to check it, preferably your plumber or builder to ensure that you’ve allowed enough space around your suite.  There’s nothing worse than an overcrowded bathroom or the toilet arriving and finding it’s too big for the footprint.  This is really important because having the wrong sizes will cost you money.  Make sure you have room for accessories such as vanity unit, shelving, toilet roll holder, towel rails, towel rings etc.  They need to be easily accessible too.

4. Buying Before Measuring

Following from point 3, never buy a suite or tiles before you’ve measured, checked and re-measured.  You won’t have much use for a bathroom suite which doesn’t fit your space!

5. Avoid Stone Tiles In The Shower

Even if you love them, stone tiles in the shower or other wet areas need sealing or lead to problems later on.  Your best bet would be to avoid them and choose a stone effect tile instead.

6. Deal With Mistakes As They Arise

If you see mistakes along the way don’t ignore them because even if they’re tiny they will bother you later on.  If you are spending money on this project expect it to be perfect.  A wonky mirror or a splashed paint mark will be there for the duration of your bathroom until you remodel it again so get these corrected and don’t be afraid to point them out to your builder if you’re using one!

7. Incorrect Position of the Toilet

One of the bathroom renovation mistakes that you need to keep in mind is the position of the toilet. Avoid placing the toilet where everyone can see it, this means that  you should not put it directly opposite the door so it’s not the first thing people see on entering your bathroom.  If you can’t do this because your bathroom is already plumbed for the toilet, try and detract from it with a mirror above or an attractive shelf.

8. Never Choose Cheap Fittings

Even if you’re sorely tempted, spend your money on good quality fittings such as frameless shower screens, tapware and vanities.  Cheap can be expensive in the long run because they won’t work as well as good quality and they will deteriorate.  This is especially important if you are planning on your bathroom to last a good 20 years….choose cheaper paint or skimp on bath towels and other additional products, these can easily be replaced at a lesser cost further down the line.

9. Not Asking the Help of a Professional

Unless you know exactly what you’re doing don’t renovate your bathroom yourself.  There’s a lot to consider, the plumbing, layout, tiling, fitting etc.  It’s a complicated room and unlike painting and redecorating it needs a real pro.  Find a reputable builder and plumber, see their work, get a contract in place and leave it to them – that way if there are mistakes, they can be rectified by the builder or plumber on your project.

10. Not having Sufficient Lighting!

Before undertaking your project, ask yourself if you have sufficient lighting.  Your bathroom needs to be light, bright and airy so if you haven’t got access to a window get an electrician to install conforming light fittings and make it bright.  While you can always revisit lighting at a later date – it’s better to get it sorted during renovation so you don’t have to hack into your ceiling later on.

The bathroom renovation mistakes that were mentioned above are just few of the many. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, make sure not to do these mistakes yourself. For quality bathroom and kitchen products, visit https://bella-vista.net.au/bathroom-products, where you’ll find a list of all our stockists in your area too.

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