8 February 2017

4 Ways To Create a Victorian Design Bathroom

4 Ways To Create a Victorian Design Bathroom

Victorian period is known for its subtle attention to detail and interest in a wide variety of creative options. Join Bella Vista Bathware in exploring the 4 ways in creating a victorian design bathroom.

1. The Freestanding Bathtub4 Ways to Create a Victorian Design Bathroom

A freestanding bath is one of the highlights of a Victorian design bathroom. Since a standalone tub is finished on all sides, it offers more option of placement areas. It can be placed in a more central area or can also be installed against the wall. Any of which will surely make a visual statement in the bathroom.

A freestanding bathtub is available in different shapes and sizes. However, for a Victorian design bathroom, a ball and claw details is important to emphasize the era which made it famous.

The bath brings a minimalist simplicity to the room and is often go together with a standalone mixer. Bathroom mixers are also available in different shapes, sizes and styles. Inlaid mixers and spout could also be elegant alternative. While a freestanding bath does not offer a storage, a bathroom vanity would be a great addition to the room as well.

 2. Seat Integration

A neutral coloured chair will surely compliment the freestanding bath, adding more attention to the room while providing a luxurious feel at the same time. A great option in positioning the chair is putting it close to the bath, creating a spa-feel effect in the room.  The colour of the chair can also be the same with the towels, bringing a seamless unity.

Moreover, putting a side table in slightly dark colour is also a great idea. The side table can be a storage which can be styled better with some accessories such as a side mirror or a flower vase.

3. Floor Finishes

There is a wide range of options for the flooring of a victorian design bathroom. Ceramic tiles with a wood grain or a wooden floor panelling will look great both with the bathtub and the bathroom style. While polished porcelain tiles can also look great, providing a marble look. Integrating a floor designed which highlights the freestanding tub in this bathroom style is the key design feature.

4. Final Touches

A victorian design bathroom can be styled with a soft full length curtain which serves as a subtle backdrop to the bath, while adding more elegance to the bathroom. Additionally, the curtain makes the room more inviting place where you can relax.

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