26 January 2017

The Beauty of a Modern Bathroom

The Beauty of a Modern Bathroom Design

Refined Simplicity

A modern bathroom design is often defined by having sharp and square lines with the complete look towards simplicity. Identified by having sleek surfaces and a minimalist focus on essentials, a modern bathroom design brings a clutter free space, improving both the look and the feel of the bathroom.

Modern bathroom designs can do wonders in bathrooms ranging from a small to spacious bathroom, but because of the simplicity of aspects of a modern designed bathroom, it is mainly attractive to homeowners with small bathroom space. One of the best elements of a modern design in a bathroom is implementing a pedestal sink crafted from stainless steel or porcelain. This effective fixture choice will bring both beauty and convenience in a small bathroom as it does not require the sink to be mounted in a larger cabinet, which brings more elegance and airy effect.

Furniture and Accessories

Bathroom furniture and accessories in modern bathrooms usually follow the style’s general theme. Vanities may carve from high-quality woods with a great storage design. While lighting accessories may have rectangular, round, or square lampshades, adding a striking touch in the overall design of the room.

Modern Bathroom Design Colour

Colour options for a modern bathroom design run the gamut, but with a certain emphasis on elegant simplicity. Lots of modern bathroom designs incorporate contrasting base colours such as black, white and greys. Since neutral colours often lack when it comes to visual interest, most homeowners add bold patterns displayed as wall papers or wall paintings.

When it comes to selecting the ideal materials for your modern bathroom, stone, glass, ceramic and wood are all great option, but how these materials are displayed will define how modern your bathroom will be. Combination of materials is also possible in a modern bathroom. For instance, natural wood and stainless in a countertop will bring a simple but elegant look.  A tilework style created from ceramic tile and glass above vanity would also bring elegant effect in the room.

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