24 January 2017

The Ideal Bathroom Shower Features

The Ideal Bathroom Shower

Do you have an outdated shower in your bathroom? It might be the right time to install something that is more functional and appealing.  Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home and in the long run, it is one of the best investments too. A new, modern bathroom shower can upgrade the look of your bathroom and probably increase its value, both for your personal satisfaction and on the long-term market worth of your home.

Whether you have a big space or a smaller space in the bathroom, there is a wide range of options that you can have to create the bathroom shower of your dreams.

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Bathroom Shower Features

The complete design and functionality of your bathroom shower will always depend on the features you would like to integrate, such as seating, lighting, shelving and multiple shower heads. Some of these features can be done by yourself while the others may require professional assistance.   The following are the features to consider in bathroom showers.

  • Rainfall Shower Head: A rainfall shower head features a large dispersion pattern that is soft and relaxing which is why rainfall shower heads are extremely popular. This is an easy addition to any bathroom shower designs, though it may need additional plumbing for the best effect.
  • Shelving: Well-designed bathroom shower shelves brings convenience in storing soaps, shampoos and other products where they are easily accessible. Simple bathroom shelves can be installed yourself, or can also be constructed during the building process.
  • Lighting: As experts advise, getting into a lighting that is combined with ceramic tiles or a glossy glass makes the room more inviting.
  • Seating: Having at least one seat in the shower offers a time to enjoy a long, relaxing shower. There are some DIY seat installation procedures or can also be built in during the construction phase.
  • Multiple Shower Heads: Having multiple showerheads spraying from different angles of the shower area brings a deluxe shower experience. Though it may require additional plumbing in the construction process, it is absolutely worth the effort.

There are several ways to make your shower room stand out from the rest. From integrating unique tile patterns to matching different styles of tiles, or even integrating additional features such as glass shower screens, window or half walls.

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