19 January 2017

Important Bathroom Design Prevention Tips for Elders

Bathroom Design Prevention Tips for Elders

Bathroom design prevention tips for elders is the most important element in the initial planning of a bathroom. Bathroom safety is one of the top considerations when designing your bathroom. Having some time to know some bathroom prevention tips will keep elders be safe. The following are some bathroom design prevention tips for elders to avoid harm in the bathroom.

  1. Proper lighting – During the night, it is usual to get the need to use the bathroom. Most of the time, most lights in the house are turned off. When lighting is not available, there is a high chance for elderly people to fall or trip on something. It is a great idea to install a motion-sensing light during the night. As soon as someone enters the room, the light will automatically turn on and light the space.
  2. Shower Grab Bars – Getting in and out of the shower may cause an elderly person to fall and slip. Installing a proper grab bar provides seniors to have something to hold to avoid accidents. Moreover, it is important to install these types of bathroom fixtures with solid screws and make sure to test it before use.
  3. Label Faucets – If faucets in your bathroom have multiple handles, make sure that hot and cold handles are labelled correctly. Elderly people may get confused and may use overly hot water, which may lead to a severe burn. This is not only applicable in bathroom faucets, but also in tubs, showers and all fixtures that have multiple handles.
  4. Raised Toilet – Most elderly people have difficulties in getting up from a sitting position. Getting a raised toilet helps them go to the bathroom without much assistance.
  5. Accessories Near the Shower – It is essential to install necessary bathroom accessories near the shower such as soap dish and towel bars. This is one of the important bathroom design prevention tips for elders because when elders reach for these items, it may cause him/her to fall or slip.
  6. Eliminate Rugs – Though most of the homeowners put rugs around the toilet or maybe outside the tub, it may be trip hazards. It is important not to rugs and has some anti-slip mats instead. This is more essential in a bathroom with tile flooring.
  7. Avoid Deep Bathtubs – while a deep freestanding bathtub can be relaxing and ease painful muscles, it can be a trip hazard for elders. It is better to install a walk-in glass shower door that is flush with the ground to prevent accidents.

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