17 January 2017

Trending Now: White Bathroom Design

Trending Now: white Bathroom Design

A bathroom upgrade brings a huge impact on your home’s comfort level, not to mention its resale value. As you search on a white bathroom design and get inspired by beautiful bathroom photos, make sure to take note all the tips discussed below, then figure out the features that seem to fit perfectly in your bathroom. Keep in mind the space available in your room, desired materials and the overall bathroom upgrade costs before starting any major remodel.

What Materials to use in a White Bathroom Design?

Getting the right layout and storage options are pretty standards. Thus, choosing the right materials is the key for creating a white bathroom design remodeling project stand out.  Bathroom floor tiles offers a wide range of styles and colours, which makes them one of the popular white bathroom design flooring options, while mosaic tiles are usually installed in showers. Tile grouts are usually hard to clean, so a granite tile might be better shower tile alternative. A white black splash or white countertop can help liven up a dull bathroom. Furthermore, bathroom hardware is also important, Shower heads, faucets, and vanities are available in variety of sizes and styles, which allows you to add a touch of personality into your white bathroom design.

Trending Now: White Bathroom Design

How to Decorate a White Bathroom Design?

Any bathroom remodel needs to have its finishing touches to make it stand out and that includes a bathroom with white theme. In a white bathroom design, even a toilet paper holder can add an impact to the room if selected properly. Select the bathroom fixtures that represents the bathroom look you want to achieve, then match other bathroom accessories such as, soap holders, toothbrush holders and wastebaskets for a consistent atmosphere. If you have more space in the bathroom, you can also add a stylish vase with fresh flowers or an artwork.

However, for those who don’t have plans in doing a major bathroom remodeling, a white bathroom can still be achieved by simply changing some of your old bathroom accessories and having a new colour scheme with new white linens or wall paint. Don’t be afraid to mix similar yet different bathroom design options to create a look that’s totally unique to your home.

Moreover, for kids’ bathroom décor, put into your considerations some bright colours and unique patterns, but also keep in mind that kids go with the trend quickly, so steer clear of trends. Beyond the bathroom décor, safety is the most important in a kid’s bathroom, so make sure the bathroom has tub mats, cover clamp and faucet covers for the toilet (depending on the age). Lots of bathroom remodeling ideas accommodate both bathroom designs for adults and kids.

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