2 September 2016

5 Must Have Bathroom Accessories in Australia

Bella Vista Bathware

Your bathroom may be functional as you wanted it to be. But, look around, does it look fabulous? Do you have the necessary bathroom accessories in Australia?

When talking about decorating, bathrooms are often overlooked by many. Most homeowners usually leave their bathroom plain when they really should think more in adding some accessories and personal touches in their bathroom to make it stand out. The best thing about decorating the bathroom well is that bathroom accessories in Australia does not only add beauty and elegance to the room, but also add functionality to the whole space.

Take a look at the Must-Have Bathroom Accessories in Australia that Bella Vista picked for you:

Soap Holders

Obviously, every bathroom needs hand soap for people to use, but how want to store it is up to you. Soap Holders come in various shapes, styles and colours and can be purchased almost anywhere. So, whichever type of soap you decide to use, bars or liquid soaps, you must choose a soap holder that does not only look good, but also does the job.


No doubt, mirrors are one of the most essential bathroom accessories because people usually do their hair and makeup in the bathroom. Most homeowners would want to have a large mirror above the sink, wherein the mirror could be a cabinet at the same time or just a flat mirror. However, it is also advisable to have a small freestanding mirror or one that is mounted on the wall so doing your makeup will be easier. Bathroom mirrors can also look good, you can select from decorative frames, cabinets, freestanding that will impress your guests.

Towel Ladders

Say goodbye to towels that usually end up being on the floor when there is no towel ladder or towel holder available in the bathroom.  Placing a towel holder near the shower or bathtub is a great idea. Towel ladders/towel racks allows you to keep away your towels off the floor and display them nicely. These are available in various designs, shapes and sizes. Choose the best towel ladder for your bathroom now!


There are different kinds of light for bathrooms and you have to be careful in choosing the right one for your bathroom. The lighting of your bathroom must be attractive and bright for safety purposes and for you to be able to see yourself clearly.  There are numerous options of lighting that you can have in your bathroom. Chandelier, vanity light or pod lights are available.

Toothbrush Holder

A small toothbrush holder could mean a lot in the bathroom. It is the storage that you can use for your dental hygiene kit. Choose a toothbrush holder that is easy to clean and looks chic at the same time.

Bathroom Accessories in Australia are usually offered incomplete sets in the same style, such as Bella Vista Chrome bathroom accessories and black bathroom accessories. But, if you like diversity, it is also good to accessories that differs in design, shapes or even colour. Just make sure that they still look chic and classy.

To sum up everything, your bathroom can look much far better than a simple and dull one. It could go luxe and can have personal touches. Just make sure it is chic and functional at the same time!

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