5 September 2016

Sneaky Tricks: Small Space Bathroom Ideas

small space bathroom ideas

Does your bathroom look a little cramped? Expanding the space of your bathroom may not be included in your choices because it might cost too much or simply because you don’t want to steal space from the other areas of your home.

It is no doubt that small space bathroom can feel intimate and cozy. Luckily, there are some small space bathroom ideas that you can do to make the room visually bigger while being efficient with the space by using every cubic inch of it.  With the use of the small space bathroom ideas listed below, you will be able to visually expand your small bathroom while maintaining its efficiency.

Go with White!

small space bathroom ideas

Installing while tiles, combined with the white walls of course, and white fixtures will make you bathroom look bigger. Due to the fact that the color white reflects light and opens up spaces, it makes the bathroom feel airy even if the room has the same size with an airplane bathroom!

Change Tub into a Shower

Bathtubs consume a lot of space in a small bathroom in two ways. First, their length often occupies the total end of the bathroom. Second, their height imposes that visual setup mentioned above. Thus, installing a shower instead of a bathtub is one of the smartest ways of decorating your bathroom if you have a limited space.

Mirror. Mirror. Mirror

Small space bathroom ideas

This is one of the easiest small space bathroom ideas. It is no doubt that mirrors can make a space look wider. It is because mirrors reflect the light in the spaces in the room which creates the illusion of another room. Instead of putting up a small mirror above the basin, why not use a mirror that will cover a one whole wall? A full length mirror against a wall reflects a lot of light in the room and will then create a wider visual to a narrow bathroom.

Make use of Natural Light

Yes, we do understand that privacy is vital in a bathroom, but don’t let it sabotage the natural light that comes into the room. Windows are great ways to make a bathroom visually bigger, so make sure not to cover them up with dark shades.

Go with Clear Glass

Small Space Bathroom Ideas

Clear glass doors allow the eye to view the full length and space of the room. If it is within your budget, it is recommended to install clear shower glass doors, especially for small space bathrooms. Glass shower doors are available in different sizes and shapes. More varieties of glass shower doors here.

Think Storage

Keep mess off the counter by having space-saving storage boxes. These boxes will keep your stuff organized and easy to find. This will also give a clean and neat look in the bathroom, which makes the room more spacious.

These small space bathroom ideas are time-tested and are surely applicable to multiple rooms at home. If you try these ideas with diligence and willingness, you’ll surely see a bigger, brighter and more spacious bathroom, pleasing to all who use it! For more bathroom design ideas, please visit our blog page at http://www.bella-vista.net.au/bathroom-designs/.

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