22 November 2016

Brightening a Dark Bathroom in 4 Easy Ways

Brightening a Dark Bathroom in 4 Easy Ways

Lots of bathrooms are constructed with a minimal natural lighting or sometimes, without widows. To help homeowners with bathroom lighting problem, Bella Vista has gathered some ways of brightening a dark bathroom without the need of a huge renovation. Have a look at our easy tips in transforming a dark bathroom into a bright and airy sanctuary!

Distributed Lighting

One of the common mistakes, which results in having dark areas in the bathroom, is having only one source of light in the entire room. This results in having shadows in all the areas you should put light it, and worse, make the bathroom look smaller.

Having distributed lighting around the room can help in brightening a dark bathroom, especially the floors and corners that are prone to shadows; You can start by having distributed lights across the whole ceiling.

Alternatively, a mirrored cabinet or some wall lights around a cabinet will bring more lights in visually increasing the footprints of the room, while having lights around the mirror will bring the added benefit of assisting your morning makeup or shaving routine.

Tile Design

Mosaic or glass types of tiles will bring extra-shimmery surface which will result to a lighter in the bathroom. Additionally, tiles are also a great way to bring colour into the bathroom décor, which means providing two design solutions in one. In line with that, tiles can be installed on the floor, walls, or even both, if you into brightening a dark bathroom.

Brightening a Dark Bathroom in 4 Easy Ways
Brightening a Dark Bathroom in 4 Easy Ways

All White Theme

Without doubt, white theme will help light get in around the room, enlightening as wide space as possible. Though you’re choosing an accent shade of colour for your bathroom fittings and accessories, try to keep the room as white as possible to help the light spread.

Having your bathroom ceiling all white will help in containing all the light, while shiny white tiles will make the floor sparkle with light. Alternatively, if you are choosing an accent shade of colour, plain contrast between light and dark shades will help to emphasize all bright places in the room.

Tight Light Bulb

Picking the right light bulb can make a huge difference in brightening a dark bathroom. With the invention of energy-saving light bulbs, brightness is now measured in lumens instead of watts, so it is better if you can invest in a light bulb with higher lumens to have brighter lights in the room.

Moreover, the colour you choose is also important. Light bulbs are evaluated on the Kelvin scale for their colours, so if you prefer a warmer light, have a look at the lower end of the measure, while the other end will give more of a blue shade of light. LED light bulbs are available in a range of colours, so you can choose which one colour tone you prefer for your bathroom.

For lots of bathroom may lack of natural light, but there are lots of ways you can try in successfully brightening a dark bathroom. Try out the tips mentioned above and you’ll soon see the change in your dark bathroom!

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