15 November 2016

His and Hers: The Couple’s Bathroom Design Ideas

couple’s bathroom design ideas

No matter how sweet and close you are to your partner, sometimes, when it comes to using the bathroom, couples can easily turn from sweet to competitive.

Thus, don’t let the bathroom be the reason of your fight. It doesn’t matter if you are working with a small space or a plenty space in the bathroom, there are some couple’s bathroom design ideas that you can integrate. Read about our top ideas on how to decorate a bathroom that is in favour of you and your partner to avoid arguments.

His and Her Sink

When you’re in a rush getting ready for work or you’ve got plans to meet some friends or in-laws, there’s nothing more annoying than waiting with a mouthful of toothpaste while your partner has got shaving cream all over the sink.couple’s bathroom design ideas

Save yourself from this kind of stress by installing two sinks. This quick and simple solution can make a big difference, especially in saving more time and doing morning routines. This means that there will be more sense of comfort and harmony which will surely avoid bathroom-related arguments.


On the other hand, if you have a bigger space in the bathroom, you may also consider 2 separate units of vanity basin, where you can have your own storage. Otherwise, if you’re working on a small space bathroom, a double vanity basin provides the similar ease and peace of mind without taking up too much space in the room.

Reflect on it

Instead of moving awkwardly or balancing on your toes just to get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror that your partner is not taking, why not just integrate the two sinks concept and add 1 more mirror to your bathroom? This concept is one of the most effective couple’s bathroom design ideas.

Whether you chcouple’s bathroom design ideas oose to have similar style places over your separate sinks or wants to try something new with your personal preference, adding a second mirror is one of the couple’s bathroom design ideas that lessens the frustration that may arise when you’re competing for bathroom time with your partner.

Additionally, if you want to maximise the space in a small bathroom, a mirrored cabinet has the advantage of both an additional mirror and more storage. Otherwise, it is also a great idea to install a mirror at the back of the door; it does not only give you space for the 2nd mirror, but also makes the small bathroom look bigger!


Be organised

Your bathroom should be the place in the house where you can feel relaxed, even if you are in a rush. But, when you’re knocking toothbrushes and tripping towels on the floor, it is hard to be calm.

Simple additions such as dual toothbrush holders or a double robe hook can make a big difference. These fixtures help you to make the bathroom more organised and gives you a place for everything.

To make sure that your bathroom is functional as possible, don’t hesitate to incorporate important features and integrate the couple’s bathroom design ideas mentioned above so you will be able to enjoy your bathroom with your special someone!  A bathroom can be a place for you and your partner to unwind.

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