10 November 2016

Sliding Glass Shower Door: Why You Should Have One

Sliding Glass Shower Door

If you are beginning to search for a shower enclosure to complete your bathroom design, you may find many options that you never considered before. The market for glass shower doors is massive and the possibilities of thinking what you really want can seem never-ending. The rest of the article will provide you a reliable view point on why a sliding glass shower door is the right for you and your bathroom.

What is a Sliding Glass Shower Door?

A sliding glass shower doors are tailored into a corner of a bathroom to provide a separate showering space inside the bathroom. These doors do exactly the name itself. It is designed to slide back and forth to allow entry and exit into the shower cubicle.

What are the Benefits of a Sliding Glass Shower Door?

Sliding glass shower screens are the most popular glass shower screen to consumers. Based on research and engineering achievements, a high-quality sliding glass shower door is designed to glide easily when in use. Two rollers allow the glass door to smoothly and effortless glide in motion when opening and closing the door.

As a sliding shower door glides backwards, it will not project into the room at any point in time. This kind of glass shower door can be tailored to any bathroom size; the wide range of size makes sure that you will be able to select the right shower door that will fit perfectly into your space. Additionally, a sliding glass shower door ensures that you will be able to exploit all the space that you have in the room, and unlike any other type of shower doors, you do not have to worry about the placement of other bathroom products as the doors do not project against anything else inside the room.

What does a Sliding Glass Shower Door Must Have?

Quick Release Rollers: These let you to simply push down on your rollers for you to release them from the chrome track and allows you to clean your sliding shower door with minimal effort.

Toughened Safety Glass: With the wide range of brands available, you must make sure the sliding shower door you choose is not only based on dimensions, but also on the thickness and quality of the glass used.  Bella Vista Bathware uses 8mm or 10mm toughened safety glass. Anything less than 6mm safety glass means that the shower door can be fragile.

Nylon Rollers: It is important that the shower door you purchase has nylon rollers because these rollers will not perish unlike cheaper plastic rollers. Nylon rollers are hard wearing and makes sure a smooth functionality when in use.

So what do you think of installing a sliding glass shower door to add an attraction to your bathroom? If you’re ready to plan out your new shower enclosure, that’s great! Visit our website at www.bella-vista.net.au

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