8 November 2016

Double Bathroom Vanity Basins: Good Choice or Bad Option?

Double Bathroom Vanity Basins

Double bathroom vanity basins are often featured in home design magazines and other home design inspirations. It is because they are really stylish and provide great functionality as well. But, is a double bathroom vanity basin right for you and your needs? We have seen many customers who were really satisfied with their decision of installing a double bathroom vanity basin, but it’s worth looking at possible pros and cons of any decision.

Double Bathroom Vanity Basins PROS:

Personal Space: If double bathroom vanity basins are installed, nothing will beat being able to spread out your toiletries as you will have more space available. This can be the solution is some marital feud as such solid or liquid soap? Or, toothpaste squeezed from bottom or top? With more space available for you and your partner, you don’t have to deal with these issues every day.

No waiting time in the Morning or Night-time: With two vanity basins in the bathroom, your morning routine will go a lot easier as you do not have to wait for someone to finish their thing before you can do your own. Thus, if time is critical in the morning, it might be the right time to install a double vanity basin in your bathroom. Double bathroom vanity basins are recommended, especially for households with a hectic morning ritual.

Personalisation: Having all that extra space in the bathroom sink, you’re not only able to have storage space as much as you want; you can also make one side of the bathroom, your own while designing it based on the style and theme of the whole bathroom and your personal preferences as well.

Double Bathroom Vanity Basins

Double Bathroom Vanity CONS:

Space Issues: The top most problem with double bathroom vanity basins is the space available in the bathroom. Unless you have a large
space in the room, you might be able to fit a double bathroom vanity. However, there are different sizes of double vanity basins offered by Bella Vista that might fit in your bathroom space.

Cost: Definitely, it is more expensive to plumb double sinks than one. Additional cost of finishes and bigger vanities will be added to that cost.

Installation: Obviously, installing a double vanity basin is more difficult than the installation of an ordinary single basin, making it more expensive. But, this is only a one-time cost. Additionally, the construction of cutting and finishing the countertop will also be more difficult because the construction must cut two specially shaped holes.
So, have you decided now the right countertop for your bathroom? Are double bathroom vanity basins right for you and your needs? Share in the comment box below!

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