15 August 2016

Choosing the Right Basin for Your Bathroom

Bathroom Basin Designs

There will always be a lot of options out there when it comes to bathroom basin designs. The style of basin you purchase will always depend on your bathroom size, the style you are most attracted to and how much space you have available.

A good idea in deciding which bathroom basin to purchase is to think about who will be using it. For example, is it for children, adults, guests or all three? This is vital when you are thinking how many basins you need as well as the shape and material. If two or more people in your home need to get ready at the same time, then a double basin will be best for you, while a vanity or inset basin might be more comfortable to use for the kids or for a shared family bathroom.

Whether you are going for an organic, classic look, soft-edged or contemporary, it is important to be comfortable with your choice and to stick to it. With the wide range of bathroom basin designs available out there, knowing exactly what you want will help you make the right choice.

Bathroom basins can be categorized into 6 types; Vanity Basins, Wall Basins, Semi-Recessed Basins, Under Counter Basins, Above Counter Basins and Freestanding Basins.  Most of these bathroom basin designs are offered at Bella Vista are available with your own choice of either one or three tap holes. One tap-hole basins require the use of a basin mixer while three tap-hole basins use conventional basins.

The following are the two types of bathroom basins:

Wall Basin

Wall basins are fixed directly to the wall with brackets which means that a vanity for installation is not needed. These types of basins are ideal if you want more space in your bathroom and offer a simple, clean look. These basins are usually made with a shroud or pedestal to conceal plumbing.

  • Wall Basin – Pedestal – It’s up to you whether you want to have a wall basin pedestal because these are optional. They are installed between the finished floor and the bathroom and are commonly used to cover plumbing.
  • Wall Basin – Shrouds – The only difference between a pedestal and shroud is the length because shroud is shorter than pedestal, but when it comes to functionality they are just the same.

Vanity Basins

Vanity basins are made to suit a range of counters or console sinks. These bathroom basin designs are accompanied by the vanity to construct a functional bathroom experience.  Vanity basins are available in all the styles and materials of standard bathroom sinks and can be installed separately or built into the counter. Traditionally, vanities came with matching basins or sinks, but nowadays, modern designs favor mixed and even contrasting materials sometimes. Below is a selection of vanity basins available.

  • Semi Recessed Vanity Basin – These are designed to give more functional space and overhang the vanity space.
  • Under Counter basins – These are mounted below the vanity level, which creates a modernized look. This is the most secure design because the sides are protected from crashes and impact.
  • Above Counter Basins – These are always mounted on top of the vanity space along with the tap-holes aligned with the drainage tubes.
  • Self-rimming vanity basin – These are mounted directly into a vanity along with a self-rimming design to sit flush at the top surface of the vanity.

Make sure to take time in choosing the right basin for your bathroom because it will have a large impact on the overall design and use of your room.

To see more bathroom basin designs, please visit https://bella-vista.net.au/product-category/bathroom-sinks/

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