22 August 2016

Trend Alert: Black Tapware

Black Tapware

Black tapware is one of the hot trends in this year and in more years to come when talking about bathroom and kitchen fittings! There’s no doubt that black taps stand out in a sleek and stylish white bathroom. Whether used on a showerhead, bathtub or sink, the shade really adds beauty and value to your bathroom interior. Black tapware provides a modern look that adds sophistication to any bathroom. So, if you want something new and special that will make your bathroom look classy and stylish at the same time. Bella Vista adapts to this innovation and exciting addition of black bathroom and kitchen fittings. Browse our range of black tapware here.

Where can you actually install black tapware?

There are various of ways to integrate this design into your bathroom or your kitchen. Regardless of how you do, this trend is sure to be a WOW factor.

Black tapware can look extremely fabulous when combined with other warm tones of other materials like wood, copper and brass. For instance, a wooden cabinetry will look great when combined with black tapware, creating a modern, but inviting space at the same time.

Another way to incorporate black taps is the addition of lack shower head with the combination of classic marble which creates a visually striking feature as the contrast highlights the beauty of each piece.

Cleaning Black Taps

There is no doubt that black taps are popular when it comes to modern bathrooms and designers are very excited about this new trend. They are also exceptionally easy to keep clean and maintain.  They don’t scratch because they are finished with a special coating so keeping them looking as good as new is very uncomplicated. Black taps have a  microscopically rough surface, so you should always avoid cleansers that include wax because this will damage the matt surface of black tapware.  If in doubt whether your cleaner is suitable, avoid it altogether and use a soft cloth instead.

In line with this, it is recommended that you clean your black taps at least once in every 2 weeks and the door handles every 6 months. This is to make sure that the dirt and stain do not build up.


Black tapware not only looks superb but makes a valuable investment too because it adds to the aesthetic good looks of your home and will give you a return when you come to sell. Bella Vista offers a wide range of selection of contemporary designer black tapware so visit our website to see what we have available.


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