26 August 2016

Bathroom Renovation Guide

bathroom renovation guide

Many homeowners always wanted to renovate their bathroom, but not sure where and how to start. No worries! Bella Vista offers a bathroom renovation guide that you can use from the first step up to the last step of your bathroom renovation.

Give your bathroom a new look! There’s no that a bathroom renovation with a cleaner and more modern look with chic features such as a glass shower scree will amaze friends and family. Having a newly renovated bathroom will also give you and your loved ones a more enjoyable experience in using the room and will improve the market worth of your home, making  it more desirable.

To turn your bathroom renovation dreams into reality, Bella Vista have come up with this bathroom renovation guide that you can follow to achieve the bathroom you desire. Check out the following tips:

Walls and Ceiling Painting: It’s a good idea to use at least 2 coats of a semi-gloss paint that resists heavy moisture.

Sink Replacement or Fixtures: In renovating your bathroom, it is important to remove any caulking around the edges of the sink and shut off the water. This will allow you access to the pipes underneath the sink easily.

Countertop Replacement: It is also good idea to use someone with carpentry skills to determine how the current countertop is attached to the walls or cabinets. Do not forget to include shutting off the water supply.

Tub and/or shower hardware replacement: Changing your shower or tub hardware has a big impact in your overall bathroom renovation. It gives your bathroom a more  elegant look. If you want to have a modern and sophisticated look in your bathroom, Bella Vista recommends adding a frameless shower screen.

Putting tiles on the floor and wall:  Though this job may take  time, it isn’t that difficult for amateurs to do themselves. Beautiful tiles can have a big impact to your bathroom renovation once complete.

Backsplash installation of the bathroom sink: A backsplash is attractive tiling that can be installed easily because it is smaller and easier to complete than full tiling.

New toilet installation: A bathroom renovation will not be complete without installing a new toilet. A new toilet and a frameless shower screen look good together in your newly renovated bathroom! This process can be done by someone with little experience, but it requires two or more people to move and place the toilet while attaching it to right pipes. Of course, don’t forget the water needs to be turned off.

The bathroom renovation guide mentioned above can be a DIY project, but more extensive bathroom renovations including tub replacement, a frameless shower screen installation or installing a new sink may require the help of a professional plumber to make sure they are completed properly.

Moreover, in doing a bathroom renovation, it is important to get in touch with a reputable retailer of bathroomware to ensure that all materials are durable and will last for years to come. Bella Vista offers you the highest quality of products for all your bathroom needs. Look no further than Bella Vista!

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