30 August 2016

Introducing Frameless Walk in Shower Screen

Frameless Walk in Shower Screen

So you’ve made the big decision to undertake your bathroom renovation and now you’re trying to make your mind up whether to choose a frameless walk in shower screen or a simple shower complete with your bath!  Or perhaps you have a small bathroom area and want to maximise on your space, but you’re torn between a walk-in shower or a bath…well, you’ve arrived at the right place because at Bella Vista we specialise in all-things bathroom, especially frameless glass shower screens.  Here we give you some great reasons why you should choose a walk-in shower and hopefully they will be enough to convince you to include one in your bathroom re-fit!

What makes a Frameless Walk in Shower Screen a Wise Buy?

If you’re having trouble with a messy floor because of water spatters in the bathroom, a frameless walk in shower screen will do the job for you. Additionaly, it also ensures safety while you are having a relaxing shower. These glasses are made based on the Australian standard of superior quality, so it is rest assured  that the safety of the glass is not questionable.

Walk-In Showers Are Bang On Trend!

Firstly, frameless walk-in showers has become increasingly more popular over the last decade.  They are modern and luxurious and you may well have seen plenty of them in your friends’ newly renovated bathrooms or maybe on the TV interior design programs and in designer magazines.  They are far more practical than wet-rooms for their own set of reasons, mainly because they are much easier to install as they have their own shower tray.  Wet rooms need your chosen floor to be laid so it slopes and is fitted with many different layers, sometimes wet rooms are prone to leaks if not installed correctly.  Today’s shower trays are very thin too so can almost be fitted flush to your tiled floor – this means that if you still want to achieve the look of a wet-room, you can and at a noticeably less expensive price point!


A frameless walk in shower screen is much easier to maintain too, because they don’t have the hinges and frames of traditional shower doors.  If you want to create space, choosing a frameless shower screen gives you the additional sleek appearance and gives the illusion of extra space because of the light reflection.  In addition to that,  frameless shower screens are finished with special glass that is resistant to water marks, calcium and limescale build-up making it so much easier to clean so it looks like new every time.  Today is all about minimalism so keep it simple – frameless means no door handles, seals or rollers, just a sleek, smart panel of clear stunning glass.  Cleaning is practically a pleasure rather than a chore because of the minimal fittings.

Years Of Showering Pleasure

There’s no doubt that a frameless walk in shower screen has timeless appeal so if you’re planning a bathroom to last you for many years, this style will work perfectly.  Walk-in showers guarantee a stylish addition to a bathroom, looking attractive and appealing for years to come.  Additionally, they give you ample space to shower in comfort, and if you enjoy the rain shower experience, fitting an overhead shower head with different shower settings will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed or pleasantly relaxed after your shower.

In fact, the only disadvantage we can see in installing a walk-in shower is you might be tempted to spend far longer showering than necessary…so beware, a walk-in shower could make you late for an important appointment!

To find out more about walk-in showers and frameless shower screens browse the web pages at Bella Vista where you will find something to suit every taste.

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