13 December 2016

MUST HAVE: Accessories for Bathroom

Must Have Accessories for Bathroom

In designing a well functional bathroom, it comes with lots of accessories which make the room look more attractive and tidy. However, though there are numerous accessories for bathroom that you can have, we selected only those that you must have in the bathroom. See the following:

5 Must Have Accessories for Bathroom

Soap Holder

From the name itself, soap holders are used to hold solid soap when you are not using it. Why It is necessary in the bathroom? Because it helps in beaut
ifying the room as well as maintaining the shape of the soap by keeping it dry. It also helps in maximising the storage space and removing clutter.

Tissue Holder

No doubt, we need tissue paper everywhere in the house, kitchen, living room, bedroom and most especially in the bathroom. A tissue holder is one of the must have accessories in bathroom. It is designed to make it easy for you anytime you need to use a tissue paper. It also helps the tissue to keep dry despite being in the bathroom.

Toothbrush Holder

A toothbrush holder is a must have bathroom accessory as it helps to have a storage for keeping toothbrushes and toothpaste. Getting a toothbrush holder helps you get rid of the kids putting their toothbrush anywhere in the sink, which makes the room messy.

Bathroom Towel Rail

Having a towel rail in the bathroom gives you space where to place hand towels, while keeping the overall design looking great. Additionally, towel rings are space efficient and great addition to any bathroom design, making them one of the must have accessories for bathroom.

Towel Ladder

These are great bathroom accessories, especially if you want to keep the room clean and organised. These help to keep the towels dry when you use it after taking a bath or a shower. Most of the times, towel ladders are freestanding; it means that you can place them anywhere in the bathroom.


All bathrooms need at least one mirror, especially if you want a small space bathroom look bigger. Aside from helping you applying makeup and brushing our teeth, it also brings extra light to the room, making the bathroom look more tidy and bigger. In addition to that, a mirror could also be a simple solution for artwork in the bathroom.

Choosing the right accessories for bathroom brings a great impact in the complete design and functionality of the room. Thus, it is vital to take some time in selecting the right accessories and choose the ones that are necessary for the room. For more bathroom accessories, visit Bella Vista’s bathroom accessory page.

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