5 October 2016

Must Have Bathroom Cabinet Trends

Bathroom Cabinet Trends Australia

Cabinets / Vanities are considered as one of the most important elements in a bathroom remodel. It is because cabinets affect the look and the feel of the whole room and they set the tone for your bathroom upgrade.

Having knowledge about the bathroom cabinet trends is the first step to take before finalising the complete design of your bathroom. Bella Vista has listed the trends to help you make a great choice and complete your next bathroom cabinet upgrade with confidence.

Smart Storage

Same with a kitchen remodel, integrating cabinets or vanity basins in your bathroom remodel is a smart storage key.  Be creative when it comes to the bathroom storage and spend some time on how to expand in different directions. Few ideas on bathroom cabinet trends that you can integrate are built-in hampers, built-in drawers, medicine cabinets, over-the-toilet cabinets, or a floating wall mounted vanities. If you have a small space in the bathroom, you can consider building a storage cabinet upward in order to maximise vertical space in the room.

Bathroom Cabinet Trends

Natural Atmosphere

Smooth styles of bathroom cabinets are taking over when it comes to bathroom design.  Sleek styles, natural and wood materials are just a few of the most popular bathroom cabinet trends lately. A natural atmosphere brings a sense of calm and peace in the room. Most homeowners do not only see their bathroom as a place to get ready in the morning, but they also see it as a place to relax, refresh and enjoy a spa-like experience.

Bathroom Cabinet Trends

Cues from the Environment

The environment does not only bring beautiful weather and scenery, but also give us the chance to witness the lovely colours we see when we walk outdoors. And these colours are great choices to consider for the paint of your bathroom cabinet. Colours such as gray, misty neutral and foliage green. All these colours will create a peaceful and natural feel in the room.

In addition to that, neutral colours are timeless and are perfect for enlightening the bathroom and making it look bigger. On the other hand, for those who want to have something more dramatic, then a pure white paint in your cabinet is a great alternative.

Bathroom Cabinet Trends

Focus on Design

Homeowners love to design their bathroom. While design and style are important, the general functionality is getting much more consideration than it has in the past. As mentioned above, bathroom cabinets, vanities and other bathroom storage are taking the centre stage when it comes to bathroom design. It is because, people are staying in their homes longer, therefore, more space is needed to store all their stuff over the years.

Calm colours, freestanding vanities are also a few hot bathroom cabinet trends. A new bathroom design tip that is being practiced by many homeowners is that they match their bathroom cabinetry and storage to the rest of the house.

Bathroom Cabinet Trends


Interior design especially in the bathroom is all about how you accessorize it. This trend involves touches and designs that go a long way. A few ways to achieve this is paying attention to your bathroom storage and updating your cabinet hardware.

Renovating your bathroom, or just simply making small upgrades is vital for the resale and most especially in the enjoyment of your home. These bathroom cabinet trends will make you see your bathroom in a whole new look, making you wanting to spend more time in there. Whether you’re upgrading, remodelling or renovating your bathroom, Bella Vista can help you in selecting the best quality bathroom products that will last for years to come!

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