7 October 2016

Clever Ideas to Create a Spa Feel Bathroom

Spa Feel Bathroom

After a long, tiring day, there’s nothing better for your mind and body than visiting a spa. But, most of us would rather skip visiting a spa because of lack of time and the not-so-cheap cost and just choose to stay warm at home. In short, a spa feel bathroom in your own home is one of the great choices whether you are building a new bathroom or just upgrading.

Just like any other spa services, your own bathroom offers a private space which allows you to soak in a warm bath or take a relaxing shower to de-stress. All it takes is adding a few elements to create the spa feel bathroom atmosphere.

Check Out the below Tips on How to Create a Spa Feel Bathroom:


Spa Feel Bathroom

Earthly colours such as green, gray and brown will bring an organic feel to your bathroom as well as a calming effect. Nonetheless, if you have a small space bathroom, it is advisable that you go with neutral and lighter colour shade. Beige, pale green and light gray can bring a peaceful atmosphere along with a more spacious feel to a bathroom with small space.


Spa Feel Bathroom

For those who prefer a late night bath before bed, it is a good choice to install recessed ceiling lights that come with dimmer controls. Through the dimmer control, you will be able to soften the lighting and achieve the spa-feel like atmosphere when you wish for a soothing soak in the bathtub.


A messy environment often brings stress. That is the reason why most spa make sure that they keep their toiletries unseen and in order through integrating storage such as vanity basins. However, a space for storage is often an issue in small space bathrooms. So, when talking about hiding and organising toiletries, most homeowners get frustrated.

Well, it is probably now the right time to get rid of those old and expired toiletries that you will no longer use. Through this, you should be able save significant space in the cabinet space. On the other hand, if you really don’t have enough space in the cabinet, you can try to organise some toiletries such as cotton balls and Q-tips in clear glass jars. Believe it or not, these glass jars will like part of your bathroom décor.


Spa Feel Bathroom

Many homeowners think that a bathtub is only for those bathrooms with big spaces. That is absolutely NOT TRUE. Living in a home with a small pace bathroom doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy a relaxing soak in a bathtub. Bathtub manufacturers, including BELLA VISTA BATHWARE, offer a wide range of bathtub with different sizes to accommodate not only the spacious bathrooms, but also the tiny ones.


Spa Feel Bathroom

Though a bathtub is perfect if you want to create a spa feel bathroom, it is not often used occasionally. Alternatively, a massage shower head, such as a rainfall shower head will also bring relaxation while in the shower. Moreover, you’ll surely use it every day.

Achieving the benefits of a spa treatment in your own home is not as difficult as you think. With just a few bathroom upgrades and additions, you will be able to turn your own bathroom into a private sanctuary.

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