14 October 2016

Top 5 Bathroom Renovation FAQs

bathroom renovation questions

How? When? What? Which? Life is full of questions and everyone wants to find the right answers to these questions. And questions about bathroom renovation is no exception. Questions probably started coming into your mind the day you started to notice that you need a bathroom remodelling, whether a full bathroom renovation or just a simple bathroom upgrade. Thus, Bella Vista has decided to list down the Frequently Asked bathroom renovation questions and answers in one place! Check the list below:

Q:  Where Should I start?

A: Definitely, this is one of the most asked bathroom renovation questions we often hear from homeowners who are thinking of remodelling their bathroom. The best way to start is doing a little task and then set a budget that works for you. It is important to look around your bathroom and analyse which fixtures will stay and which will need to be changed. If you’re being uncomfortable with ineffective taps or terrible tiles, then it might be the right time to show them the door. After that, think of a colour scheme, choose the bathroom fixtures that meet your needs and 5tastes. However, if you’re unsure and not confident of doing these tasks, we recommend that you ask for the assistance of a professional contractor and let him know your plans in your bathroom. He may suggest some bathroom designs that you never thought possible.

Q: Do I have to replace everything?

A: NO! You don’t have to replace everything in your bathroom. Remember that it is your bathroom, only you can determine what you really need and make sure to do what suits your needs, tastes and budget. For instance, if your sink is old but still working properly, it can still look fresh and new if paired with fresh bathroom hardware. Or if you really want something new without breaking the bank, maybe you can try exploring home wholesalers and get what you want with big discounts.

Q: I need a bathroom renovation, but I only have a very limited budget. Any suggestions?

A: Upcycle! You probably will not change everything in your bathroom, so what do you think you can do to the old but still working fixtures? You can still turn them into cash by selling them online craft store such as eBay.

Q: What should I include in my bathroom renovation, and what should I forget about?

A: This is one of the important bathroom renovation questions. There may be lots of resources online about the trends in bathroom designs, such as have a Jacuzzi bathtub, separate bathtub, heated floor tiles, etc. These features are all great to have in the bathroom, but you have to think if you and your family really needs it and if you can afford it. Yes, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom so we want it to look great, but we generally don’t use them as recreational areas. If you have kids and you enjoy a long soak in the bath, then it’s good to include tub, but if you only have a limited space in your bathroom, then a comfortable shower would be better. The real question here is, “What do I really need in the bathroom and what can I afford?”.

Q:  What colour scheme is best for my bathroom?

A: Among the bathroom renovation questions, this one is often neglect by some homeowners. If you want to get rid of the stray hand-prints and other unwanted markings on your bathroom walls, then a semi-gloss kind of paint is recommended for you. Switches, hand doors, and near the shower are the areas that often gets more hand prints, to it is quite hard to wipe them clean (especially if there are kids in the house). Semi-gloss kind of paint is more reflective than flat.

If you have other question that is not included on the list above, feel free to visit Bella Vista or email us at [email protected] or visit Bella Vista’s FAQ page.

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