17 October 2016

4 Best Reasons to Choose a Rainfall Shower Head

Rainfall Shower Head

Rainfall shower heads are the best! Starting up your morning with a shower that feels like raindrops brings tranquillity and relaxation which helps you to get your day going. But, that is, if you have the right shower head, enough water pressure and plenty of hot water.

What is a Rainfall shower head?

Rainfall shower heads are designed to bring the experience of showering in the rain and are often constructed to deliver multiple options from soaking rainstorm to a water saving shower drops.

A rainfall shower head usually consists of a thin round or square shaped head with plenty of small holes in which water can flow out steadily like real rain drops. More modernized rainfall shower head includes a pulse feature to force the shower drops to form into droplets. White even more modernized styles feature multiple or even randomized settings. Spa like shower drops, great strong shower and water saving drop are some of the several settings available in various models. Randomised settings bring realistic rain fall shower experience.

Rainfall shower heads are avail be in different materials and finishes such as chrome, brass and steel in order to suit any bathroom interior design.

Here are the reasons why a rainfall shower head is a great choice:

Less movement while in the shower: if you choose to integrate a ceiling-mounted installation of a rain fall shower head, you are able to shower your whole body while just standing in one place, which means less risk of falling and slipping.

Rainfall Shower Head Australia

1. Flexibility: An adjustable rainfall shower head lets you to simply move the position and angle of the water flow. In addition to that, since not everyone has the same height, some of these shower models let you to adjust the height.

2. Save more water and money: Unlike old styles of shower heads, a new rainfall shower head model normally consumes no more than 2.5 gallons of water per minutes while 5.5 gallons of water are released by older models of shower heads.

3. More balanced water pressure: There are some rainfall shower head models that feature a built-in air-injection technology that gives you the feelings of heavier water rainfall vs. a trickle without wasting any water. That shows the perfect balance of luxury and conservation.

4. More Relax Feeling: The feeling of a water rainfall touching your face and your body brings extra relaxation than a water spraying cogently. The flow of water can be adjusted from a gentle shower rainfall to a drenching pour.

To learn more about rainfall shower heads, please see the Bella Vista’s wide range of shower heads and find the nearest Bella Vista store in your place!

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