19 October 2016

Bathroom Renovation: What You Need to Know about Bathroom Plumbing

Bathroom Plumbing Australia

A full bathroom renovation means that it is time to update your bathtub, shower, vanity, tile and more. Colour updates and practical considerations such as choosing the best toilet and storage accessories, will surely have a big impact on you overall bathroom design. However, this isn’t going to happen easily, behind these bathroom design features is a bathroom plumbing system that must be plan carefully in order to support the new features of your bathroom to last in the long run.

It doesn’t require you to be a plumbing expert before starting any bathroom renovation, but it is indeed helpful to understand at least the basics of bathroom plumbing and get familiarised with the questions you should work on with your plumbing specialist.

Refer to the checklist that Bella Vista has made to get started with your bathroom renovation.

Are your pipes updated?

There’s no any other best time to update your drain pipes and supply is during the bathroom renovation, it is to make sure that you will have no unforeseen leaks in the future. Professional plumbers recommend that in order to have a proper water flow, it is recommended to have 3/4 supply pipes that are coming into the bathroom. This may need a more critical bathroom plumbing system if you want to have multiple showers or twin basins.

Make sure to know how much water is required

For those who love to soak in a relaxing bath, you may want to have a separate bath like a freestanding bath. Make sure to know how much water do you need in order to fill the tub while also keeping in mind to leave enough water to supply the rest of the house. You don’t want your house to run out of water in your house just to fill in your tub.

Measure the water pressure that you need

Multiple showerheads, body sprays, bathtub and extra-large showers may all be great features in your bathroom and may bring relaxation while you’re in the room. However, make sure to keep in mind that these features require bathroom plumbing and enough water support system to sustain these bathroom features. Make sure to consider your water supply before finalising your bathroom design.

Incorporate water saving techniques

Yes! Your best chance to change the way your house consumes water is during a bathroom renovation. There are a lot of possibilities for including water efficiency in your bathroom design, such as water efficient showers or toilets that have lesser water usage per flush. Integrating water efficiency in your design will both beneficial to the environment as well as to your budget.

Install heating in the bathroom

Integrating a heating feature in the bathroom is essential more than you could ever imagine. For instance, having an underfloor heating protects you from stepping onto the cold tiles during a freezing winter season. Another heating option is utilizing radiator style towel warmers which gives you extra warmth toasty towels after stepping out of the shower.

Consider the space that you need

Your dream bathroom may include freestanding bathtub, double vanity basin or extra-large showers. But, all of these features require a big amount of space in the bathroom. Make sure that the fixtures that you buy will all fit in the space you have in the bathroom. Make sure to know how much space you have; how much space does the fixtures you want requires, is vital part in designing a new bathroom.

Everything that were mentioned above are just the basics of bathroom plumbing. It is still recommended that you seek a professional advice in order to achieve a solid bathroom design that meets your requirements, space you currently have as well as your budget. Let Bella Vista help you in locating the nearest Bella Vista re-seller in your area and talk to a professional plumber!

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