28 September 2016

Small Bathroom Ideas for Bathrooms with Big Problems

small bathroom ideas

Yes, your bathroom could be the smallest room in the house, but it is more than possible to make it one of the most impressing rooms at home! If you have a small space in the bathroom, don’t get frustrated as Bella Vista have listed small bathroom ideas that will surely make your splash, regardless of its size.

A bathroom with a limited space can still be chic and efficient with the right “know-how”. But, it’s really going to be a challenging task. Among the challenges are: organizing the proper place of the toilet and sink, getting enough space for the shower and of course where to put various bathroom accessories such as a toilet paper holder and towel rail? Regardless of these challenges, you should get the most out of your bathroom. Here are some small bathroom ideas that can help you.

Go with Corner Sink

A pedestal sink could also be a good idea in some small space bathroom, but sometimes, it can also disturb the only traffic lane available in the room. In this case, it is more advisable to install a round corner sink across from the toilet instead of a sink installed across of the shower. The IN and OUT of the shower door usually creates a difficult walk-around situation.

Install Sliding Shower Screen

Sliding Shower Screen

A sliding glass shower screen saves space than a door that moved in and out.  Sliding shower screen does not only save more space in the bathroom, but also makes the room look more elegant and modern.

Trick the Eye with Large Scale Patterns

This is one of the small bathroom ideas that is often misunderstood by many.  Big patterns, like wide stripes, can trick the eye into viewing expanded spaces. The size of the bathroom will of course stays the same, but it will feel much bigger.

Go with Big Mirrors

Big Mirrors

The use of big mirrors does not only apply with bathroom with small spaces, but also with any other rooms with limited space. Having a mirror that is extended across the wall will make the illusion that there is another room, which of course make the room look bigger. So, instead of having a small vanity at the top of your vanity, big mirrors are one of the most effective small bathroom ideas.

Go with Wall-Mounted Tap

Wall-Mounted Tap

A tap mounting on the wall lets a vanity unit or a sink to look narrower, which frees up square footage in the room. Others are so afraid of trying to install a wall-mounted tap in traditional design, don’t be afraid, it works anywhere!

Put in a Cabinet Above the Toilet

Having a cabinet above the toilet is a great alternative to a large cabinetry. It allows you to have a beautiful storage without cutting off your personal space.

By following these simple, small bathroom ideas, you will be able to turn your small space bathroom into a clutter-free and more practical bathroom. You’ll surely impress everyone who utilizes it while enjoying the benefits of a smart space where everything has its own proper place.


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