23 September 2016

5 Reminders You Wish You Knew Before Started Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation in Australia

If you’re planning to have a bathroom renovation in Australia, you surely want to know these reminders that often neglect by homeowners.

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most used rooms in your house, which means that it must be both functional and eye-pleasing. When the bathroom becomes outdated, people usually want to give it a new look. However, doing a bathroom renovation will not going to happen in 1 day, it should be planned well in all aspects including the designs and the budget.

Perhaps, everyone has their own renovation horror story, which is really common. Problems may arise during the renovation, such as deadlines that are missed, budgets that are blown, wrong choice of contractor, etc. While you’re in the middle of the renovation, you might think that the troubles will never end, but once the job is finally complete, you’ll be able to walk through a bathroom that you truly want.

In order to help homeowners to avoid that the common mistakes that were encountered by many, Bella Vista has come up with a list of reminders before you start your bathroom renovation in Australia.

  1. Choose the right Contactor

Many homeowners often realized that they didn’t hire the right contractor when it’s too late and the renovation had started. When selecting the contractor for the renovation you want to have, keep in mind that you are not only inviting this person into your home, but you have to commit working together for days, weeks or even months. Before selecting the contractor for your bathroom renovation, make time to research about his firm and get multiple insights from past clients


  1. You WILL Spend MORE Money than Planned

This is one of the common reminders that most homeowners neglect. When they sit with a contractor and discuss the scope of the costs of all the materials needed, they often assume that’s the final total amount of the renovation. Whether you like it or not, you will have to spend more money that you have planned because there will be some unexpected expenses such as, unforeseen electrical issues or appliance swap and many more. Thus, it is suggested that you add more money on your budget on top of the total amount that you will discuss with the architect or contractor that you will hire.


  1. Know When to Use your Favorite Materials and Understand How to Maintain them

Yes, matte white paint and/or blonde wood could look good in your bathroom, but are they easy to clean and maintain? There are some materials that are fickle to maintain, so you better choose wisely.  Installing a fully frameless glass shower screen leave room for error during the installation and they are surely durable and easy to clean.


  1. Know Your Limits in Perfectionism

This is an important reminder that everyone must keep in mind. People usually search online to get some ideas on how their bathroom will look stunning and tips about bathroom renovation in Australia. However, photos that use see online are retouched and staged, so you shouldn’t expect that the job on your own renovation will be the same with the images you see online.  There may be some lines in the moulding that will not be perfectly straight or a tile grout that may look great from afar, and more flaws.


It’s not about settling on anything less than the bathroom you want to have. Everybody should know when to push and pull your contractor because, yes, you will pay them for their work so you are expecting perfection. But, remember that you’re still relying on human labor so mistakes and flaws are expected.


  1. Taking Care of all the Details is Your Job

Some homeowners expect that since they hire a professional contractor, they don’t have to do anything anymore because they expect that the contract knows best. That is WRONG.  Of course, since it is your house and it is your bathroom that is being renovated, your contractor will always nag you to ask for the final say on all the finishes.

Now that you know all the common reminders to keep in mind before you start your bathroom renovation in Australia, maybe it’s time to start the project and get the job done! Let Bella Vista help you with all your bathroom needs, visit us at https://bella-vista.net.au/.

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