22 September 2019

Bathroom Remodelling Tip for 2022 : How to Choose a Freestanding Bath?

Freestanding Bathtub

Points to Consider When Choosing a Freestanding Bathtub

Based on the recent research about bathroom design trends, having a bathtub helps you have more space and saves more budget. Other bathroom features like a bigger vanity with storage or a larger shower are all great bathroom renovation ideas, but for many people, nothing can be more relaxing than the feeling of a calming soak in a bath. Add some daily relaxation into your busy schedule, by first adding a new bathtub in your new bathroom design!

Why Choose a Freestanding Bathtub?

Freestanding baths are surely the number one trend in bathtubs. These bathtubs are far more than efficient and are available in an array of styles, sizes and shapes. They turn the atmosphere of a bathroom by making it a tranquil sanctuary and serves as a great attraction to any bathroom. A freestanding bathtub is often seen in large bathrooms, but since these tubs are available in a variety of sizes, it makes them a good option in different sizes of bathrooms.

Is a Freestanding Bathtub Right For You?

The answer to this question will depend on you. If you are comfortable and 100% happy with having only a shower in your bathroom, it might be more practical to use the space for other features of the room. But, if the idea of having not bath in the bathroom makes you feel cold and unsatisfied, then a freestanding bathtub is a perfect addition to your new bathroom design.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right freestanding bathtub for your bathroom design.

Where Should a Freestanding Bathtub be?

There are various options for where you can put a freestanding bathtub in a bathroom. You can have it in the middle of the room or to a corner next to a window. Before deciding the location of your bath, make sure that you know how much floor space is needed for the bathtub and which other elements of the bathroom will surround it. Keep in mind that in positioning a bathtub, there should be no barriers nearby such as the vanity drawers and the swing of the door. On the other hand, if you wish to place your bathtub in the middle of the room, remember that will limit your options of placing accessible storage for bath toiletries. Some freestanding baths may require a special installation requirements depending on the weight, shape and size.

How Will Freestanding Bathtub Get Filled?

Most freestanding baths come with holes in the tub deck or tub wall to give place to faucets. However, if your bathtub does not come with this feature, you will be required to use faucets that will come from the floor or from a wall just like the bathtub below.

Freestanding Bathtub

What type of Bathtub Should I Go For?

Freestanding baths come in many styles from contemporary to footed style. But, before choosing the style of tub for your bathroom, you have to determine first what statement you want it to make in the room.

Floor set tubs are directly on the floor and are available in a variety of sizes and shapes including, Oval, Rectangular, D-Shape and round.

Footed Tubs are often accompanied by claw foot tubs which often represent a classic style.

Japanese baths are extra deep and are intended for submersing the body for a relaxing experience.

Most of the freestanding baths are available in a wide range of materials including stainless, copper, resin, cast iron, wood and more.

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