10 January 2017

5 Most Popular Bathroom Colours for 2017

5 Most Popular colours for 2017

Selecting the right bathroom colour is one of the most important decision that you need to make once you’ve decided to have your bathroom renovation. There are different popular bathroom colours for 2017, so the key in choosing the right colour is to know the benefit of each.

Every bathroom colour has an advantage and disadvantage as well as unique design features that will fit perfectly with the bathroom style. Every bathroom is different, so choosing the right bathroom colour allows you to show off your personal taste and style.

Top 5 Most Popular Bathroom Colours for 2017

1.White – White themed bathrooms are a theme that never goes out of style. The bright appearances brought by a white bathroom replicate plenty of lights which makes the bathroom look bigger. If you want to integrate features of minimalist style, then white bathroom colour is perfect for you.

Moreover, Chrome fixtures such as taps and handles look fabulous when combined with white bathroom suites. Another advantage of a white bathroom is that it provides a surrounding that can be styled up by adding black bathroom accessories.

most popular bathroom colours for 2017

2.Neutral – Neutral is one of the popular bathroom colours for 2017. It will look great regardless of the style of the bathroom and the whole house. This bathroom colour is perfect if you are planning to sell your home.

There are lots of bathroom supplies to choose from if you have a neutral bathroom colour. Brown or beige coloured flooring tiles are one of the great options.

3.Grey – Grey bathroom colours has been popular for the past couple of years and still included on the list of popular bathroom colours for 2017. This colour is understated, cool and never goes out of style. Because of the popularity of this bathroom colour, there are also some grey bathroom products available in the market. Grey tiles are one of the most popular.

4.Black – It’s not hard to see why black coloured bathrooms are included in the most popular bathroom colours for 2017. Black bathrooms are undoubtedly sophisticated and cool. This bathroom colour is universal since it can blend perfectly both to a modern or traditional bathroom style.

Black coloured bathrooms don’t necessarily need to integrate black fixtures and accessories. A white vanity basin paired with black tap is a perfect example of how a little touch of black makes a huge difference in the whole bathroom design. However, if you really want to emphasize the black colour in your bathroom, then a black bathtub may work on your theme. Other  black fixtures include tiles, bathroom towel rail, black tapware and other black bathroom accessories.

most popular bathroom colours for 2017

5.Pastel – Pastel coloured bathrooms have become popular in 2016 and are expected to get more popularity in 2017. Incorporating pastel colour to your bathroom brings calming yet playful space. If you have plans on painting your bathroom walls instead of installing tiles, then a pastel coloured bathroom is perfect for you. Popular pastel colours include the shades of greens, pinks. Purple, creams and turquoise.

Have you decided now which bathroom colour fit perfectly to your bathroom? If you need more help, you can visit Bella Vista Bathware website or browse our wide range of bathroom supplies!

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