4 January 2017

Bathroom Decoration Mistakes To Avoid

Bathroom Decoration Mistakes To Avoid

Not feeling happy and satisfied with the looks and function of your bathroom? Starting a new bathroom decoration is a big responsibility, both financially and time-wise. Thus, if you want it to get it done right, Bella Vista Bathware has collected the bathroom decoration mistakes to avoid and give you tips on what not to do during the bathroom renovation period.

Lack of Planning

Of course, the number one on the list of bathroom decoration mistakes is not being to plan. Getting a new mirror, installing new tiles or buying new bathroom accessories may sound easy and simple tasks that you don’t need to think about. Confidently, something new is always better than the old, right? However, it always turns out that spontaneous decisions and choices often results for the worse, and you may later regret not giving much time to think about it. So, what Bella Vista is suggesting is that you plan on how you want your bathroom to look and what other functionalities you want it to have. From colours to bathroom accessories to the overall atmosphere of your dream bathroom. The plan doesn’t have to be a complicatedly detailed, it will be just a guide of what you want and what you’re looking for when you start to shop.

Lack of Balance

Trying something new and being creative in decorating a new bathroom design is no way a negative. However, we have seen numerous cases wherein people are going a little OTT (Over The TOP) and this is where bathroom decoration mistakes come in. For an instance, if you decide to install bold tiles and a quirky bathtub, we suggest that you keep the rest simple. This will not only allow the statement pieces to stand out, but also avoids the bathroom being loud, and possibly going out of taste and trend quickly. It is better if you try to create balance with your bathroom design, instead of having a generally same pattern, style and colour.

Being Unrealistic

Going to back creating the bathroom decoration plan, one of the common bathroom decoration mistakes is that people are being unrealistic when it comes to the size and shape of their bathroom and often do not plan their design based on the space they have in the room. Rest assured, most of us would love to have a double vanity bathroom, a large freestanding bath and a large shower unit, but most of the time, it is not possible to have these in the bathroom because of the limited space, unless you have a large space in the bathroom. Thus, it is vital to figure out what’s a priority, and just make sure you make the most of what you’ve got.

Fear of Change

Most of the time, people tend to forget the importance of the bathroom. From relating, to the manic morning rush, we spend lots of time in the room, so it must be given the splendid design it deserves. However, unlike the bedroom or living room, you can’t just change some cushions and have a complete new design. A bathroom renovation or upgrade may mean starting again. It may seem and feel daunting, but rest assured that it is all worth it once it’s done.

We hope that these few bathroom decoration mistakes help you avoid the things that needs to be done once you’re decided to have your bathroom renovated.

Did you make any mistakes in the past when you were designing your bathroom? Please share your experiences in the comment box below to help those who are planning to start their own bathroom renovation.

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