22 December 2016

Buying Guide: Bathroom Vanities in Australia

Bathroom Vanity in Australia

Is it time for you to do a bathroom renovation or do you just simply want a bathroom upgrade? A bathroom Vanity in Australia can bring a great impact to the overall look of your bathroom. Whether you want your bathroom to look modern, traditional or somewhere in between, Bella Vista Bathware can guide you in choosing the best bathroom vanity for your room.


One of the most important things to remember in choosing the perfect bathroom vanity. Here are some key factors to remember:
• Ensure that there is enough space for door openings, such as opening and closing of a glass shower door. Space is very important, so ensure to measure the opening and closing the vanity doors and drawers and measure against the dimensions of that bathroom. You wouldn’t want a bathroom vanity that’s too big and disrupts the flow of the traffic.
• Consider the existing features of your bathroom such as the outlets, electrical switches and mirrors.
• Verify your bathroom’s plumbing location. This will help you determine the width of the vanity you should have.
Additionally, make sure to include space for vanity filler strips if you have plans on using them. A vanity filler strip is a piece of wood that is used next to a vanity unit to close any space between the vanity and the wall.

Bathroom Vanity in Australia


Bathroom vanities have two styles – built in and freestanding. Built-in bathroom vanities are recommended for bathrooms with bigger spaces, generally offers more storage and countertop. While freestanding bathroom vanities are recommended for small space bathrooms and comes in various styles.
Moreover, it is also a vital decision whether you want a bathroom vanity with or without a top. Choosing a bathroom vanity without a top allows you to choose your material. While in a bathroom vanity with a top, you’re limited to the top that’s included in the vanity, but it is much easier to install. Bathroom vanity countertops are available in a wide range of selection and materials such as glass, solid surface and natural stone.


Having stylish and well functional bathroom vanity in Australia can define your bathroom’s space. Look at the following considerations before purchasing:
Hardware – Spend some time to check the description of the vanity you’re interested in. There are some vanities that already includes the door and drawer hardware.
Colour and Finish – Bathroom vanities in Australia can be made in various materials such as wood, metal, or glass and generally come in black, white and mid-tone finishes. However, if you are more adventurous and wants to give your bathroom a different colour, then you can try to paint a wood vanity the colour that you want.
Storage – To know how much storage you need in a bathroom vanity, you must identify first where you will be putting it. Will it be in the master bathroom, powder room, or a guest bathroom? Deciding where to put it will help you identify who will be using it and identify their needs. It will help you how much storage is needed.
Size – In a small space bathroom, a single vanity is probably the only option. But, in a bathroom with more space, a larger vanity basin can be installed or the option to break it up into two and install it side by side.

Now that you’re more knowledgeable in choosing the perfect bathroom vanity in Australia, you can shop for an elegant vanity for your bathroom on your own! Visit Bella Vista Bathware website now!

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