17 September 2019

2022 Bathroom Design Australia: Do’s and Don’ts

Bathroom Design Australia

Basic Bathroom Design Do’s and Dont’s

The bathroom is maybe one of the most important rooms in the house when it comes to improving your home’s total value. Many homeowners believe that ROI (Return Of Investment) ranges from 60-100%, but it could return as much as 150-200% if the renovation is done right. However, if you’re not planning to sell your house in the future, a bathroom renovation is still a good investment, especially if you have a growing family.

BATHROOM PLANNINGBathroom Design Australia

DON’T try to do a bathroom renovation on your own. The bathroom is the worst room at home to make a mistake. With the amount of water that needs to flow through on all the fixtures, a plumbing defect can have a huge consequence. In a bathroom design Australia, it is recommended to hire a professional plumber to make sure that it is done right.

DO some small individual jobs within the room yourself if you feel up to it. Easy bathroom DIY includes putting up towel bars, thinking of storage ideas and/or putting up a mirror. If you’re not sure what other jobs in the bathroom you can do on your own, it is better to seek professional help for a better and more functional and trendy bathroom design Australia.

DON’T oversee the technical aspects of the renovation and make sure to give cautious thought to where you want to place electrical outlets.

DO invest in a high-quality bathroom fan. Moisture is the least you want to have in the bathroom, without a good fan, you put a high risk of mold and the possibility of damaging the structure of the room.

BATHROOM LAYOUTBathroom Design Australia

DO design a bathroom that has two vanities, or at least a double sink within one large vanity. If the space in the bathroom doesn’t permit having a double vanity, you still have a few options of bathroom vanity basins that will fit in any bathroom size.

DON’T change to room’s outline unless it is not really functional. It will not only save you more time during the renovation but also saves you money.

DO hide the toilet if the space in the bathroom permits. Having a separate enclosure for the toilet is becoming more popular when it comes to trendy bathroom design Australia in 2020. It does not only improve the quality of the bathroom layout, but also adds great value. However, it is not recommended to separate the toilet if it compromises the space’s functionality.

DON’T choose a pedestal sink unless if it is a small powder room where storage is not a big concern. Vanity basins with storage are always recommended if you have enough space.



Bathroom Design Australia

DO choose for a dual flush toilet in order for you to save water (Most toilets nowadays come with this feature).

DON’T opt with a fancy toilet with features such as self-cleaning and voice command features, unless it is for your personal pleasure. These extra features are not necessary for the bathroom; it is better to use the money for other bathroom fixtures for a more functional and high-quality bathroom design Australia.

DO invest in good quality bathroom faucets. Just like any other room in the house, you want something that’s durable and works well.

DO integrate with a frameless glass shower screen if you can. This adds a great value to your bathroom design Australia and makes a small space bathroom look bigger. This also allows you to get rid of those annoying shower curtains.

Investing in your bathroom is a great idea, regardless if you have plans on selling your home or not. Whether you’re up to a full bathroom renovation or just a basic bathroom upgrade, make sure you spend enough time to plan it carefully and make smart choices.

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