8 September 2019

Different Types of Bathroom Shower Fixtures in Australia in 2020

Bathroom Shower Fixtures in Australia

What are The Types of Bathroom Shower Fixtures and Their Basic Differences?

Your bathing experience depends mostly on the kind of shower fixture you’re using. There are different kinds of bathroom shower fixtures in Australia that fit different kinds of personal preferences. If high water pressure is a big factor in your shower experiences, then you probably want a shower fixture that is adjustable which lets you choose the perfect water pressure. Additionally, there are various types of bathroom shower fixtures in Australia that surely adds great function and luxury to any bathroom.

Here are the Top 5 of Bathroom Shower Fixtures in Australia:

Rainfall Showerhead

bathroom shower fixtures in australiaThe rainfall showerhead by Bella Vista Bathware is a luxurious choice for your bathroom and affordable at the same time. It is designed to provide the feeling of bathing in the rain which provides calmness and relaxation.

Fixed Showerhead

Fixed showerheads are the most traditional type of bathroom shower fixtures in Australia.  As the spray of the water is fixed, there’s no worry of accidentally soaking the rest of the room. However, it is not the handiest when it comes to cleaning. In addition to that, it can cost more in installation and repair as the pipelines must be hidden in the wall.

Hand Shower

Different Types of Bathroom Shower FixturesBella Vista’s hand shower fixtures are part of its state-of-the-art bathroom shower collection.  Hand showers give you more flexibility when you need it. With the extended reach offered by the hose connected to it, a hand shower gives you more selection compared to a standard fixed showerhead.

Have the best of both worlds with the rainshower + hand shower rail options by Bella Vista.

Water-Saving Showerhead

Saving water while getting a luxurious look in the bathroom and having a relaxing bath is great! Water-saving showerheads commonly have a water pressure compensator that guarantees a steady flow to save water.

Ceiling-mounted Shower Fixtures

These shower fixtures are mounted on the shower ceiling and are usually have a rain-drop showerhead. Water fall at low or medium pressure, using gravity to shower you from straight from above.

Before choosing bathroom shower fixtures, make sure to take note of any remodelling, if there’s any. It is important to know this to accommodate your new bathroom shower features.

For more ideas and design, visit Bella Vista’s wide range of showerheads, hand showers,  shower rails and shower mixers to pick the best options for you! You can also check our ‘Store Finder‘ to locate the nearest bathroom store in your place!

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