24 August 2019

Best Glass Shower Doors in 2022: Frameless VS. Semi Frameless

Glass Shower Doors

The Difference Between Frameless vs. Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Bella Vista is the number one destination in Australia for glass shower doors. We are the experts in what we do, giving you years of unrivaled use. We specialise in many different varieties, particularly frameless and semi-frameless. Glass shower doors are the ultimate piece in a modern and stylish bathroom. They deliver a sleek and smooth finish, maximises on light and space.

Glass doors are easy to clean, making them the ideal solution for a busy household! Semi-frameless designs are also sought after and have their own refined beauty. They are more cost-effective for those on tight a budget but still want a beautiful finish.

This article focuses on the different styles of shower screens to help you find the best fit.

Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Frameless Sliding Front Only
Frameless Sliding Front

Frameless shower screens are definitely the number 1 choice of bathroom designers world.

Frameless glass shower doors will have small hinges on the door. It might also have small fixings for safety reasons but there will be no other metal around the door.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Frameless Shower Screens

  • Modern, chic and aesthetically pleasing
  • Frameless shower screen or shower enclosure will raise the value of your house
  • Easy to clean
  • A special protective coating which helps resistance to soap scum and drip marks
  • Thicker glass than framed shower screens which gives frameless a premium quality look.
  • Excellent for small spaces and spaces which lack light. They don’t trap the light – rather they give the illusion of more space and a brighter area.

Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Black Semi Frameless Front and Return
Black Semi Frameless Front and Return

In recent years, semi-frameless shower screens have grown in fashion. Having said that, frameless are still more fashionable.

Semi-frameless have minimal frames on one side where the glass piece fixes to the walls. You can still see the fixings but the finished look is still good.

Semi-frameless is also available in shower enclosures, but there is more framework. The area enclosed will have metal around its entirety except for the door area which is why its called semi-frameless.

Top 5 Reasons To Get Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

  • Less cluttered than a fully framed shower screen
  • The fixings can be adjusted to accommodate discrepancies if you have an uneven wall.
  • A minimal framework that is great for tight spaces like roof conversions and small shower rooms.
  • Perfect for angled installations
  • Less expensive than the frameless versions

These shower screens are usually supplied in a kit and is complicated to fit. Bella Vista recommends hiring a professional to install it.

Semi-Frameless vs Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Semi-Frameless Frameless  
Thick glass Thicker glass!
More parts than frameless Minimal number of parts
Metal surrounding glass edges at wall/tiles Metal found only on glass panels
Less expensive than frameless More costly than semi-frameless
Longer and more complicated installation Easy to install
More cleaning required Fast, simple cleaning!


Still can’t decide between framed and frameless shower screens or enclosures? If budget is a constraint, semi-frameless shower screens are a good compromise.

Australian Standard Toughened Safety Glass

Australian Standards for frameless and semi-frameless shower screens thickness are at least 3/8 inches.

Bella Vista’s frameless and semi-frameless shower screens are made from Australian Standard Toughened Safety glass.


There are different kinds of Glass Shower Screens, so it may be challenging to choose which one is the right for you. Keep in mind that when choosing a glass shower door, it is vital to consider the available space in the room, the style of the bathroom, and of course, the budget. In addition to that, it is also essential to consider the people who will be using the bathroom so you can determine what requirements do you need in choosing your glass shower door.

For more ideas and design, visit Bella Vista’s wide range of glass shower screens and see which one is the best for you! Discover why Bella Vista’s bathware is different from the rest. You can also check our ‘Store Finder‘ to find ‘shower screens near me’!

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