19 August 2019

3 Tips to Choosing The Right Toilet For Your Bathroom in 2023


Choosing the Right Bathroom Toilet Seat

How to Pick The Right Toilet For Your Bathroom in 2023?

Are you planning to chance your bathroom toilet seat? Better know these considerations before choosing one.
Today’s collection of toilets has improved in style, ease and water efficiency. Bella Vista’s range of toilets is no exception. Before you make a purchase decision, it is important to know:
  • how much you’re willing to spend
  • the size and style you want
  • an understanding of the water efficiency star ratings
It is also a matter of selecting one that matches your other bathroomware.  Let Bella Vista explain further about choosing the right bathroom toilet seat.

Toilet Size matters

Though it may seem that all toilets are the same in terms of size, they’re actually not. Toilet rough-ins are made to have around 304.8mm between the center of the drain of the sewer and the wall. But, current installed fixtures may differ in size. When choosing your bathroom toilet seat, measure the distance between the drain and the wall so it is a perfect fit.
Toilet Seat Suitable for The Toilet Size
Small Round Toilet Seat That Is Suitable for A Small Toilet


You should also consider the size of the toilet, whether you want one with a lengthened bowl or a rounded shape. If you have enough space in your bathroom, go for a lengthened bowl which will give you more comfort during use. However, if your room is small or compact, you may want to avoid this style of bathroom toilet seat.

Style Selection

Bella Vista has a wide range of toilet styles available. A lot of homeowners choose to have the usual two-piece style with one bowl and a tank attached. You may want to consider a one-piece style if you want an easy to clean toilet. If you want to create a more modern look, there are also toilets that mount directly to the wall. If you’re considering these modern style toilets, make sure your wall is thick enough to support it.
Pink Retro Styled Toilet Seat
Pink Retro Style Toilet Seat


While it may seem that all toilets look the same, this simply is not the case.

Water-efficient Toilets

Water efficiency is important to consider when it comes to choosing the right toilet. To find out the water efficiency of the toilet you want, check the stars on the WELS label. The more stars on the label, the less water the product will use. This means better efficiency leading to money saved.
water rating toilet
Example of Toilet Water Rating


Create the bathroom or toilet of your dreams. Get started by viewing Bella Vista’s wide variety of bathroomware options. Then head on to one of Bella Vista’s trusted retailers to have a look some toilet seat options.

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