28 February 2017

The Perfect Bathroom Design for Children

The perfect Bathroom Design for Children

Just like any other bathroom, a bathroom design for children must be planned well. A bathroom should serve as your sanctuary and should be a room unique to you. For children, this is certain. Kids want a place that reflects their personalities and style. However, it could be a challenge for a parent to design their kid’s bathroom, especially if they are looking at it from different perception.

Designing a bathroom for your kids can be a daunting project. To help you get started with this project, Bella Vista Bathware has got some ideas for a perfect bathroom design for children.

Bathroom Design for Children Remodelling Cost

Some bathrooms only require a simple and colourful coat of paint to make it kid-friendly, while others might need a bit more work. Some kids want a bathroom design and style that will grow with them. The average bathroom renovation cost is AU$5, 350, with most homeowners spending between AU$ 4000 and AU$8, 500.

Children Bathroom Safety

Aside from the design, the highest priority in a bathroom design for children is the safety.  It may be hard to realise, but there are numerous dangers in the bathroom that could hurt your kid. Before you begin your renovation / remodelling, consider doing these few ideas to lessen the possibility of your kids getting hurt in the bathroom:

  • Make sure to have small stools inside the room. It can help young kids to reach the sink safely.
  • Always keep electrical appliances, such as curling irons, hairdryers, out of reach.
  • It is a good idea to get a cover for the bathtub faucet, as it could possibly harm kids who are taking a bath.
  • Tile flooring is slip hazard. So, putting down a non-slip bathmats would be a great help to prevent any falls.
  • The water temperature is something that parents should always keep in mind. If there’s a young kid at home, make sure to test the water temperature before they enter the bathroom. On the other hand, if your kids are old enough to bathe without assistance, it is a good thing to consider a LED shower head that changes its colour based on the water temperature.

Bathroom Colour for Kids

Colour is powerful enough to provoke certain feelings and emotions. Therefore, choosing the right colours is vital in creating the perfect bathroom design for children.

Blue is a calming colour for children, while on the other hand, red is stimulating and exciting colour. While Yellow evokes a feeling of happiness which can even help improve concentration in kids. It is important to think about how will you integrate these colours to your kids’ bathroom design.

If your children are old enough to make simple decisions, it’s a great idea to ask them what colour they prefer. After all, a bathroom should be a place where they can spend some time to enjoy and relax. Think how can you integrate their chosen colour and make it a special room for them.

Bathroom Themes for Kids

Some families and their kids choose to have a theme in their bathroom designs. This is helpful in choosing the decor, colour and features for the room. Check the following ideas that you can integrate:

  • Ocean themed bathroom
  • Cartoon character themed bathroom
  • Jungle themed bathroom
  • Rubber duck themed bathroom

In the end, the perfect bathroom design for children should reflect their personalities and interests. It will make their bathroom routine more fun.


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