24 February 2017

Top 4 Bathroom Design Tips from Experts in 2022

Bathroom Design Tips from Experts

Looking for some bathroom design tips? Then, you’re on the right page!

The bathroom is definitely one of the hardest rooms in your home to style, design, getting great functionality can be tricky in this room.  But a bathroom must be both modish and functional regardless of what your interior design is, from traditional style to contemporary and everything in between. Bella Vista had gathered the best bathroom design tips to guide you in your bathroom remodel and turn it from an overlooked space into a room for relaxation and tranquillity.

Bathroom Design Tips: The Bathroom Base

Make sure that both horizontal and vertical surfaces throughout your house match the colours you’ve chosen for your bathroom. These colours are important as they will set the tone of the room.  Select one element as the focal point of your bathroom, such as a freestanding bath, a vanity or a mirror. When choosing surfaces and layout, keep in mind that horizontal lines are soothing and make a small space look larger. On the other hand, vertical lines are more powerful and seem to lift the height and ceiling.

Bathroom Design Tips: Colour and Texture

When integrating patterns on the floor, make sure to stick to the same colour scheme as the wall tiling so the tone will not overwhelm the space. And with colour theme and textures, remember that it comes from all the bathroom’s essentials, such as the bathroom accessories, fixtures, etc.

Bathroom Design Tips: Styling Layers

Select items that help in defining your bathroom theme and make it your own space. You can integrate a tray, to keep everything polished on the benchtops; plants, for a fresh touch, elegant containers, and storage that can add value and beauty to the room while still being functional and practical.

Bathroom Design Tips: Fixtures and Tapware

Ensure that you consider the atmosphere of your bathroom when selecting the colour, shape and size of yours. Bathroom products that are square in shape bring a more modern feel, traditional and planned, while, organic shapes feel more free and unplanned. Make sure to have the same shape as the bath, basin, tapware and other bathroom accessories.

Are you ready to turn your bathroom dreams to reality?

If you’re ready to go beyond the ordinary design and functionality of your bathroom, start doing the bathroom design tips mentioned above! We, at Bella Vista is more than willing to help. Just contact us at +61 3 9305 4311.


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