16 February 2017

The Best Bathroom Lighting Guide for Your Home in 2022

Your Comprehensive Bathroom Lighting Guide

A bathroom lighting guide? Bella Vista has got it covered! Lighting serves lots of purposes in the house, especially in the bathroom. It simplifies the transition from asleep to awake, guides you in your everyday grooming routine, and helps you relax and unwind after a long tiring day.

A single accessory doesn’t give your bathroom’s décor justice. To make sure that your bathroom has adequate lighting, a variety of sources that brings light in different shades is needed: accent, task and ambient. Having these 3 shades of lighting provides you with the flexibility to address a variety of needs.
However, the shade of lighting is not the only thing that should be in a comprehensive bathroom lighting guide. Bathroom accessories, fixtures, especially vanity lighting also provide a huge impact on the look of any bathroom design theme.
Nowadays, lighting integration, not just bathroom fittings, are catching the attention of homeowners and designers alike. There are cabinets and mirrors glowing, combined with fluorescent or LED bulbs, and Freestanding baths that embrace Chroma therapy – bulbs that can be changed from calming cool light to energizing warm tones that can influence your mood. Bathrooms are retreats where you to unwind, relax, and refresh yourself and good lighting plays a big role in creating this kind of atmosphere.

Planning and Buying Bathroom Lighting Guide

Accent Lighting – An accent lighting highlights certain fundamentals of the bath that you want to show off, like a glass sink or great tilework. Layers are needed so your lighting is not flat or sterile.
Ambient Lighting – If you are looking for lighting that brightens the overall space of the bathroom, then an ambient kind of lighting is recommended for you. Task Lighting – This kind of lighting provides light on certain activities you do most, from brushing your teeth, shaving to showering.

Vanity Bathroom LightingYour Comprehensive BathroomLighting Guide

Side Vanity  Bathroom Lighting – To completely light your face, make sure to have an equivalent of 75 percent watts of incandescent lighting in each side of the vanity mirror, as close as in your face as possible. While the bottom of the shade covering the bulb should be just above eye level.
Overhead Vanity Bathroom Lighting – If you are trying to minimise the shadows in your vanity lighting, side lighting is still the best, but if it’s not possible, place some fixtures, such as a horizontal bar with several lights, above the vanity mirror. This overhead lighting should provide 150 watts of incandescent lighting and must be long enough to bring light evenly over your face. Moreover, it is advisable to mount it at least 78 inches above the ground and ensure that it clears the mirror.

Opaquel Vanity Lampshade – Bathroom fixtures with milky-white dim lights are best options for smooth, even brightness. Clear fixtures with clear glass shades, which obstruct light distribution.

Have you learnt something from this bathroom lighting guide? Do you know now, which kind of lighting you need in your bathroom? Contact Bella Vista Bathware and we will walk you through the entire bathroom remodelling process, it doesn’t matter if it is just a minor upgrade or major renovation, Bella Vista will guide you in every step.

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