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by Jared Watson | December 1, 2016
The Benefits of Freestanding Baths

Freestanding baths in Australia make a notable statement in any Australian bathroom. There’s no doubt the impression a freestanding bath in the centre of a spacious bathroom makes. These are crafted to be noticed, not to be set aside into a corner. Integrating a freestanding bath is one of the bes[...]

by Jared Watson | November 29, 2016
8 Perfect Guest Bathroom Design Ideas

If you often have guests coming over your house to stay overnight or longer, you would want to have a guest bathroom that’s satisfying the needs of your guests whenever they go to the bathroom. Nowadays, you probably want to provide more than just a simply functional shower, toilet and bathroom[...]

by Jared Watson | November 24, 2016
Why Choose a Walk-In Glass Shower Door?

For an expedient shower experience, a walk in glass shower door would appear to be one of the best options for modern style home with a frameless walk in shower screen in your bathroom. Walk-in glass shower doors have become more popular in the last 10 years, as they become the number 1 option in b[...]

by Jared Watson | November 22, 2016
Brightening a Dark Bathroom in 4 Easy Ways

Lots of bathrooms are constructed with a minimal natural lighting or sometimes, without widows. To help homeowners with bathroom lighting problem, Bella Vista has gathered some ways of brightening a dark bathroom without the need of a huge renovation. Have a look at our easy tips in transforming a d[...]

by Jared Watson | November 15, 2016
His and Hers: The Couple’s Bathroom Design Ideas

No matter how sweet and close you are to your partner, sometimes, when it comes to using the bathroom, couples can easily turn from sweet to competitive. Thus, don’t let the bathroom be the reason of your fight. It doesn’t matter if you are working with a small space or a plenty space in the [...]

by Jared Watson | November 10, 2016
Sliding Glass Shower Door: Why You Should Have One

If you are beginning to search for a shower enclosure to complete your bathroom design, you may find many options that you never considered before. The market for glass shower doors is massive and the possibilities of thinking what you really want can seem never-ending. The rest of the article will [...]

by Jared Watson | November 8, 2016
Double Bathroom Vanity Basins: Good Choice or Bad Option?

Double bathroom vanity basins are often featured in home design magazines and other home design inspirations. It is because they are really stylish and provide great functionality as well. But, is a double bathroom vanity basin right for you and your needs? We have seen many customers who were reall[...]

by Jared Watson | November 3, 2016
How to Create a Contemporary Design Bathroom

When thinking about a bathroom renovation, the first thing to put into consideration is usually not the style of the shower or the type of tiles you want to install. The first decision to make is to decide the general style of the bathroom and how it matches and improves the complete style of your h[...]

by Jared Watson | October 27, 2016
How to Choose the Right Bathroom Faucets

In any bathroom interior design, the bathroom faucet is the crown gems.  Available in a wide selection of shapes, style and finishes, bathroom faucets present world of possibility. Add into the consideration for interactivity and water conservation. Bella Vista’s bathroom faucets offer homeowners[...]

by Jared Watson | October 25, 2016
5 Inspiring Double Vanity Bathroom Design

If you have a wide space in the bathroom and it can still accommodate a double vanity, then you’re lucky. Having a double vanity bathroom provides personal space and great convenience in a shared bathroom. This way, two people will be able to do their own thing in the sink without having to take t[...]

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