20 November 2019

Selecting the Ideal Frameless Glass Shower Screen Door in 2022

Frameless Glass Shower Screen

How to Select The Best Frameless Glass Shower Screen For You in 2022?

Frameless Glass Shower Screen Doors have played a significant role in today’s bathroom design in Australia. Some people even choose to leave the bathtub out of their bathroom renovation to have a spacious shower. Just like anything else, there are no one-size-fits-all shower doors. Thankfully, frameless glass shower screens come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit any bathroom design and budget. Glass shower screens are becoming the popular choice. When it comes to bathroom design, they give an open and clean feeling to the bathroom, which allows light to get into the room and also helps the room look larger.

Glass shower screens at Bella Vista are customizable to fit any space and bathroom design. So, look around your bathroom and work with a bathroom design professional to find the right glass shower door that meets your needs and suits the other features of your bathroom. There are plenty of glass shower door designs available at Bella Vista website, but below is an overview of some options:

Fully Frameless Glass Shower Screen

Glass Shower Screen DoorsThis kind of glass door is one of the most popular choices as it brings elegance to any bathroom style design. Fully frameless glass shower screen doors also allow you to display more of the tilework and other attractive features in the bathroom, and it is easier to clean as there is no place for dirt to get trapped. A fully frameless glass shower door could be either a combination of tile walls framing a glass door like the image below left or a full glass enclosure like the one on the image below right.


Frameless Sliding Glass Shower Screen

Glass Shower DoorsSliding glass enclosures are available in single or double doors to suit any shower size. Sliding glass shower screens save more space compared to a hinged door and makes a sleek option for any bathroom. The elegant sliding shower screens shown below use Bella Vista’s sliding shower screens.

Hinged Door for a Bath

Glass Shower Doors

A glass hinged door for bath provides a chic alternative to the old-style shower curtains for your bathtub. Even if you have a small space in the bathroom, a glass hinged door is still a sleek choice for the bathroom as it keeps moisture in the bathtub while opening up space at the same time and allowing light to flow through.

Customize your glass shower door to achieve a stylish and unique shower enclosure. Let your imagination and personal taste be your guide in choosing the designs and materials for your glass shower door.

Learn More Before You Get Started

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Before investing in anything, it is always a good idea to figure out the maintenance aspect as well. It helps with decision making and avoids any unwanted regrets. So, how to clean shower screens – fast, easy, and cheap?

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There are different kinds of Frameless Glass Shower Screens, so it may be challenging to choose which one is the right for you. Keep in mind that when choosing a glass shower door, it is vital to consider the available space in the room, the style of the bathroom, and of course, the budget. In addition to that, it is also essential to consider the people who will be using the bathroom so you can determine what requirements do you need in choosing your shower door.

For more ideas and design, visit Bella Vista’s wide range of glass shower screens and see which one is the best for you! Discover why Bella Vista’s bathware is different from the rest. You can also check our ‘Store Finder‘ to find ‘shower screens near me’!

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